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Iron Man 3 Lego Sets - Release Dates & News

Updated on October 23, 2012

In this article we are going to be taking a look at new Iron Man 3 Lego sets. We will tell you what kind of new sets we will be getting plus we will have a look at the release date, price and where you can buy these Iron Man 3 Lego sets from. If you are a fan of the Lego Superheroes theme then we are sure you will like these new Iron Man toys that are coming out.

In the past few years there has been a massive increase in Super Hero movies. We have always had big blockbusters based on characters such as Batman and Superman, recently though the two comic book giants Marvel and DC have gone head to head in the film industry bringing out massive blockbuster after massive blockbuster. Last year it was The Avengers that was the big smash but DC were not far behind with the final instalment of The Dark Knight trilogy. Films such as Spiderman, Thor, Ironman, Captain America, Hulk and quite a few more have all been really popular in recent years and the next big name blockbuster that Marvel are throwing out there is going to be Iron Man 3. One big company who have had a great deal of success with the super hero theme is Lego, last year we saw various Batman sets, Avengers Lego and even a Spiderman set. In 2013 a new big line of toys is going to be based on the Iron Man 3 movie. So what are we going to be getting?

Iron Man Lego Minifigure

Iron Man 3 Lego Sets Arrive

In 2013 there are various new super hero builds coming out, we are going to be getting a few Batman ones based on Arkham Asylum, there will be some Superman ones brought out to coincide with the release of the new Superman movie, we will get a couple of new Spider-Man builds but most significantly for this article, there will be at least three new Iron Man Lego sets released. We say at least three because we know of these at the moment, it may be that nearer the release date Lego bring out a few extra ones as well.

So the first one we are going to get release is going to be called Iron Man Extremis. This one will come with the Lego item number 76006. When this first set was announced there was some controversy due to the fact that it gives away the plot to a certain extent. The movie will be based on the Extremis comics although as we currently have no more details about the Lego build itself we really don’t know what to expect yet.

The second set is entitled Malibu Mansion and will have the item number 76007. This one is based on Stark’s mansion which is of course located at Malibu. If you have seen the trailer for Iron Man 3 you will know that this mansion is destroyed in spectacular fashion so we are expecting that to have something to do with the actual build.

The third and final set is called Iron Man vs. Mandarin and has the item number 76008. Again this one gave a little bit of the plot away as it tells us that Mandarin is going to be the main villain in the movie, although we assumed this when we heard it was based on the Extremis comics. Again we don’t know much else about this set, but when we find out we will let you know and we will also of course put a picture up for you.

Super Hero Lego

Release Date & Other Super Hero Lego

If you are wondering when the release date for Iron Man 3 Lego is going to be then we can tell you it will be sometime early Spring. The movie comes out in April so we are pretty sure the sets will be released a few weeks before then as that is the way Lego tend to operate when they release sets based on a specific movie. When we have a definite release date we will let you know and we will also let you know the price and where you can buy these sets online.

As we mentioned at the outset, super heroes have become big business in the past few years. In 2013 there are lots more big name movies coming out and Lego are making sure they get involved. Possibly the biggest release of the year will be Man Of Steel the new Superman movie. There are going to be three new builds brought out to coincide with release of the Superman movie over the summer, these will be Metropolis Showdown, Battle Of Smallville and Black Zero Escape. We know that General Zod will feature in these and also some other well known bad guys.

Batman has been massively successful recently and in 2013 there are three more sets coming out. These will be Arkham Asylum Breakout, Aquaman On Ice and Tumbler Chase. These are three very different sets and feature different Batman themes, the Tumbler is really based on TDKR as it has Bane included. The Arkham Asylum one has lots of brilliant minifigures such as Batman, Robin, Joker, Scarecrow, Penguin and Poison Ivy. The Aquaman set features Aquaman and Mr Freeze as the bad guys. So lot’s to look forward to for Batman fans.

Since the Lego Superheroes theme first came into being back at the end of 2011 there really have been some stunning sets released. The Avengers Lego showed us our first glimpse of Iron Man in Lego form and these three new builds planned for 2013 look like they really will be impressive. Fans of Marvel, DC and all things Lego really are in for some treats in the next year or so.


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