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K'NEX Angry Birds Inter-Ham-Lactic Building Set

Updated on September 9, 2014

If you & your kids are die hard Angry Birds Space fans then this groovy play set brings that fun game into real live action! These K'nex set have all the cool features of the game but you & the kids get to design the structures, There a lots of sets in the collection so get a few to make the game even more epic! These sets work with any other K'Nex parts so build out the Angry Birds level of your dreams. They are the perfect rainy day toy for the kids & it's a great party game for adults too!

You get to build your very own level from the game & then destroy it with a working bird launcher! You get a lightning bird, lazer bird & 3 evil space pigs. The set comes with 184 pieces & is geared towards kids age 7 & up. it's the perfect game for family game night! Smash the pigs while flinging those adorable birds across the table. I can assure you kids will giggle like crazy when you start flipping those birds & breaking blocks. It's a fun way to get the kids unplugged & playing with hands on toys. Perfect for improving hand eye coordination & figuring out spacial problems.

If you have more than one kid then get a couple different play sets, some extra birds & make up some fun challenges. Kids love to build things throw toys & compete so you get it all with this play set!


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