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LeapPad 2 Vs. Innotab 2S: Which is Better?

Updated on July 19, 2013

Should I Buy the LeapPad 2 or the Innotab 2S?

For 2013, the two hottest gifts are sure to be the VTech Innotab 2S and LeapFrog's LeapPad 2. They are seemingly so similar on the outside, but each kid's tablet has different features and benefits that may make one a better choice than the other for your child.

I've compared and contrasted the LeapPad 2 and the Innotab 2S in hopes that it might make your buying decision a bit easier this year. Both are excellent choices and are much-improved from previous models. Put a smile on your child's face this year with a LeapPad 2 or a Innotab 2S!

Which Tablet Are You Leaning Towards? - LeapPad 2 vs. Innotab 2S...or another?

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Innotab 2S with Wifi
Innotab 2S with Wifi

VTech Innotab 2S: Features

What's New with the Innotab 2S?

The Innotab 2S released in late 2012, just in time to kick off this debate! In order to properly settle the debate of LeapPad 2 vs. Innotab 2S, it's important to first discuss the features of the Innotab 2S, as a whole.

What does the Innotab 2 have that the original Innotab 2 doesn't?

1) Built in, 180 degree rotating camera for taking photos AND recording video.

2) 2GB memory vs. 256MB

3) Built-in microphone

4) Free bundled cartridge with 3 games and apps

5) Themed picture frames for customizing pictures

VTech Innotab 2S with WifiCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

There are a few additional features the Innotab 2S gets you over the Innotab 2. The most obvious is the wi-fi connection (that's what 2S means!). Just like adult tablets, the Innotab 2S syncs to any PC or Mac wirelessly through a secure connection. The Innotab 2S can also be connected directly to your computer with the attached USB, just like before, but doing it wirelessly makes it a bit easier.

By connecting it to the web, you can directly download apps, educational games and e-books. Kids can also create wishlists (for apps, games, etc.) on their Innotab 2S, and send them directly to their parents.

Parents will like that they can instantaneously connect to VTech's Learning Lodge Navigator; you can use this to track your child's progress through their educational games.

Is Wifi Necessary?

Is the Wifi Feature Offered with the Innotab 2S Necessary?

LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Features

What's New with the LeapPad 2?

The LeapPad has always edged out Innotab slightly in the children's tablets category. Let's take a look at how the new LeapPad 2 stacks up to the original LeapPad.

So how does the new LeapPad 2 compare to the original LeapPad? What does the LeapPad 2 have that the original doesn't?

1) Front and back cameras vs. one camera in the back

2) 4GB vs. 2GB memory

3) Battery recharger available

4) Faster processing times (550 Mgz vs. 393 Mgz)

Which Did I Choose?

Drumroll please...

So which tablet device am I choosing for my son for his birthday? Will it be his favorite 2013 toy? I decided to go with the...

Why did I choose the Innotab 2S over the LeapPad 2, you ask? It really was a tough decision, but here are my main reasons for steering this way:

  • The price of the Innotab 2S is slightly less than that of the LeapPad 2 (ironically, the price of the LP2 has been bouncing all over the board on Amazon as of the past few days).

  • While the memory of the Innotab 2S is less, it is expandable up to 8x more than the LeapPad 2.
  • Games and e-books are considerably cheaper ($2.99-$4.99 vs. $4.99-$7.50).
  • Innotab 2S comes with more free games than the LeapPad 2.
  • YOU CAN BUY A CAR ADAPTER! This was a huge one for me.
  • The edges are rubberized, making it a bit more sturdy in my opinion.
  • It's ready to play with right way -- no need to "set it up".
  • You can copy your own DVDs on to the device (thank goodness, because my kid cannot live on long car trips without his beloved Elmo and Mr. Noodle).
  • I JUST LIKE WIFI! We travel quite a bit, so I like that I can purchase apps and games, and download them on the road without connecting a USB cord.
  • Several parents have stated that the games are superior, in that they usually contain more than one or two "levels." I'm hoping my son can get more use out of these games.
  • My child is on the younger side, so it's appealing that this first an age range a full year younger than the LeapPad 2 (starts at age 3 instead of age 4).
  • I'm sure the
  • LeapPad 2
  • is a spectacular device, but in doing my research (and after playing around with both of them, holding them), the
  • Innotab 2S
  • was the best choice for MY son. I bet it's just like anything else. Both are fantastic tablets; if you have one and not the other, you'll likely never know the difference!

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Both Innotab 2S Models -- Blue or Pink

Choose from these two wifi options

Be sure to pick up the extra charger, too, so you don't go through so many batteries!



LeapPad 2 vs. Innotab 2S

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Which tablet are you going with and why?

Have You Settled the Debate? - LeapPad 2 vs. Innotab 2S

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    • Bill Armstrong profile image

      Bill Armstrong 5 years ago from Valencia, California

      Just purchased the leap for friends daughter and she is loving it, they are awesome gifts for the young ones to learn

    • Loganor profile image

      Loganor 5 years ago

      There are so many tablets to choose from for kids - I can't begin to decide yet!