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Minecraft LEGO set announced

Updated on December 6, 2012

Minecraft Micro World in LEGO bricks

Fans of Minecraft and LEGO alike rejoice! In the summer of 2012 the new LEGO Minecraft Micro World set will hit the shelves.

The current release date is set to July 15th 2012 and it is bound to be a succes. The set was created after more than 10.000 people voted for it on LEGO CUUSOO a new initiative by LEGO to give their fans the models they have always wanted.

Read on to see all the information revealed about the brick set so far.

Picture Courtesy of JINX

Minecraft Micro World information

product description for the new LEGO set

The new LEGO set is made by LEGO CUUSOO in coorperation with LEGOS designer Steen Sig Andersen and the 4 LEGO fans Chris Malloy, Michael Thomas, Kyle Tingey and Bjarne Panduro Tveskov.

Each pack of Minecraft LEGO will contain enough bricks and parts to build 4 cubic models that fit together and you will also get Steve and a Creeper to inhabit the double brick world.

Mojang (the company behind Minecraft) has announced that they will donate 1% of the proceeds to charity.

You can read the entire official announcement of Minecraft Micro Worlds here.

Pre-order the LEGO Minecraft Set

You can already pre-purchase the Minecraft brick set. Be the first of your friends to showcase the Minecraft world in your living room. If you order now the LEGO set will ship on the 15th of july 2012. Click the picture below to Pre-Order.


Propose a LEGO project

With LEGO CUUSOO you can propose or vote for your favorite TV show, movie, video game or comic book to be turned into a LEGO set. If your project gets 10.000 supporters it will be reviewed by LEGO themselves and if it passes the review it will become an official LEGO product.

The person who suggested the project will get 1% of the total net sales so it could be a profitable deal if you come up with something truly unique.

Why not have a look at LEGO CUUSOOs official webpage, to check out some of the current projects or maybe even to add your own?


Short presentation video outlining LEGO CUUSOO

Video by LEGORCUUSOO, curated from Youtube

Shinkai 6500 LEGO Model

Lego 21100 Shinkai 6500 Submarine Japan Limited
Lego 21100 Shinkai 6500 Submarine Japan Limited

The Japanese submarine was the first LEGO CUUSOO to be converted into a real life LEGO model. The brick version of the submersible was released in February 2011 and was only for sale in Japan. Luckily there are a few sellers that are importing them now and you can get your hands on a version by following the link or cliking the picture of the Shinkai 6500 model.

The Shinkai set has 413 pieces and measures 262mm x 191mm x 72mm.


LEGO Hayabusa

Lego Cuusoo Hayabusa Jaxa Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency 21101 Lego
Lego Cuusoo Hayabusa Jaxa Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency 21101 Lego

The LEGO Aerospace Exploration Agency Hayabusa was the second project to be produced after getting 10.00+ supporters on LEGO CUUSOO.

Hayabusa was a japanese unmanned spacestation that was sent into space on the 9th of May 2003. Hayabusa means falcon in Japanese.

This LEGO set was originally only relased in Japan, but you can pick up a copy by following the link or by clicking the image.


The best LEGO CUUSOO project

This is just a fragment of the projects up on LEGO CUUSOO, but check them all out on the official page and then vote for your favorite

What is your favorite LEGO Project on CUUSOO at the moment?

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Are you excited about the Minecraft LEGO block set?

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