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Lego Train Shows - A Great Way to Explore Legos

Updated on May 25, 2017

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Lego Train Shows and Lego Expos

For the Lego enthusiast, Lego train shows are a great way to see a lot of different lego buildings and sets in one place, way before you buy. I'm lucky that I live in Chicago and have an active Lego Train Club that provides shows throughout the year.

Lego Train Shows are not just about trains. The trains are basically the outline of the show, inside are all the great creations by area lego masters. Featured are usually the latest lego sets, and crazy combinations you wouldn't normally see. The Chicago shows usually have the Chicago skyline more than 8 feet high. In addition, I've seen an accident between a Dunkin Doughnuts truck and a Krispy Kreme Truck, many superheroes around the skyline, every Harry Potter lego set, soccer stadiums filled with storm troopers, Star Wars lego sets, Indiana Jones lego sets, and every other conceivable lego combination.

I love legos, and the lego train shows are awesome. Check out your local LUG - Lego User Group or LTC - Lego Train Club to find the next show near you.

Where to find Lego Train Shows - Lego Train Clubs and Lego User Groups

Most if not all Lego Train Shows are sponsored by a local Lego Train Club (LTC) or Lego User Group (LUG), which will normally have a schedule of events through their website. I've compiled a list of all the Lego Train Clubs I could find. If I've missed yours, please leave a note in the Guest Book at the bottom of this page.

LTC and LUG are normally not for profit type of organizations or are just a group of lego enthusiasts who come together to promote building with legos.

What is your favorite Lego Memory?

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    • profile image

      julieannbrady 7 years ago

      Hmmm, just one? Well, watching my brother with his legos!