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Mass Effect 3 Escape from Earth

Updated on March 9, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Begins with Escape from Earth

Mass Effect 3 begins with Shepard escaping from Earth.

Mass Effect 3 – the story so far.......... The year is 2187. Mass Effect 2 last dlc ended with Shepard returning to Earth to face the consequences of his actions. The Normandy, commissioned by Cerberus, has been conveniently confiscated by the Alliance forces. Shepard has been stripped of his military title and confined to quarters. Until Now. As Shepard moves out his quarters, summoned by the military council, he is confronted by Ashley Williams or Kaidan Alenko. Mass Effect 3 allows Shepard to choose the story so far, especially for those players who have lost their original mass effect saves, or those new players starting afresh on the mass effect 3 story.

Mass Effect 3 Escape from Earth

Mass Effect 3 Shepard and Anderson Escape from Earth as the Reapers Attack
Mass Effect 3 Shepard and Anderson Escape from Earth as the Reapers Attack

Mass Effect 3 the Reapers Attack Earth

In Mass Effect 3, Shepard teams up with Anderson to escape from Earth as the reapers arrive in numbers to attack Earth. The beginning of the mass effect 3 game is really a tutorial for veterans rusty after a long spell out of the mass effect universe, or a new beginning and walkthrough for those new players yearning to test the mass effect 3 experience.

Anyhow, head out with Anderson, armed with only a revolver to discover the military base crawling with husks ….... literally. Use the husks as target practice, either using the revolver or biotic ranged attacks. Next the game guides Shepard to use heavy melee attacks on the husks. One can also use biotic charge at this point for the mass effect 3 vanguard. Finish off the simple objectives for each stage so far to see more of the reapers attack the Earth. The reapers continue their ground attack by sending in both husks and a new variety of reaper alien DNA infused monstrosities – the cannibals. These cannibals appear as masses of different alien body parts sewn together by reaper biotechnology. They are capable of wielding ranged weapons and can shoot at Shepard, so hide behind cover, and take them apart from afar. Of course, the fun loving and adrenalin junkie the vanguard can simply ram the cannibals with biotic charge and then swiftly return to safe cover. This move is only for the veteran vanguard player. Once the cannibals are finished, head out to retrieve a radio to signal to the Normandy of Shepard's location.

Mass Effect 3 Arrival of Normandy and Escape from Earth

In Mass Effect 3, the Normandy has pinpointed Shepard's location. However, before the Normandy arrives, Shepard must hold out against waves of cannibal attacks. The key here is to take out as many cannibals as possible and prevent the cannibals from moving too close to swarm and attack Shepard. Keep under cover and use the most powerful weapon to take out the cannibals, preferably using headshots (which will take down the cannibals faster). Of course, the fearless Vanguard can bioic charge the cannibals which have moved too close to Shepard. Be prepared to dash back to cover though, as Shepard will be hit continously by enemy fire once he is out of cover. Heal up and then run back to cover. And repeat the above until the Normandy arrives.

Once the Normandy arrives, watch the cutscene as Shepard escapes from Earth to gather the forces he need to retake the Earth. Next, heading to Mars.

Mass Effect 3 Escape from Earth Gameplay


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