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Mass Effect 3 Mars Prothean Data Mission

Updated on April 1, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Mars Prothean Data

Mass Effect 3 Mars Prothean Data - Waiting to be Extracted by Shepard or Dr Eva / Cerberus
Mass Effect 3 Mars Prothean Data - Waiting to be Extracted by Shepard or Dr Eva / Cerberus

Mass Effect 3 Priority Mars Mission

In Mass Effect 3, Commander Shepard heads to Mars under the orders of Hackett to find prothean data which will help in the fight against the reapers. The priority mars mission will include James Vega and Ashley Williams as Shepard's squad companions initially. When Shepard enters the mars base itself, Liara will become Shepard's second companion in place of James. This will provide Shepard the infiltrator with tactics to defeat Cerberus operatives in various parts of the priority mars mission, and gain as many weapons, armor, important items and renegade points as possible.

Mass Effect 3 Weapons, Armor and Important Items to Collect in Mars Mission

In the mission to Mars to collect important prothean data to fight against the reapers, Commander Shepard also has the chance to collect the following weapons, weapon upgrades, armor and other important items to improve combat damage and expertise and experience points -

  • M-92 Mantis
  • M4 Shuriken
  • Kassa Fabrication Chestplate
  • SMG Ultralight Material
  • Shotgun High Caliber Barrel 1
  • Sniper Rifle Extended Barrel 1
  • Datapad (increases XP)
  • M23-Katana
  • M15-Vindicator
  • Shotgun Shredder 1

Mass Effect 3 Tactics to Defeat Cerberus Operatives in Mars Mission

In the Mars mission, Shepard will face lots of cerberus operatives in the Mars base. This will provide some examples of tactics used by Shepard the infiltrator in defeating these cerberus operatives in more difficult combat scenarios on Mars.

Example - the long corridor fight. In this long corridor fight, Shepard faces waves of cerberus operatives whilst trying to advance down the long corridor. This will also mark the emergence of new and increasingly difficult types of cerberus enemies including the cerberus guardian who uses a shield to protect himself, and the cerberus centurion. To defeat these enemies, Shepard should use the M-92 Mantis sniper rifle to maintain long range sniper shots from behind his companions Liara and Ashley. Liara and Ashley should use their powers of Singularity and Inferno Grenade to trap and damage the cerberus operatives so that they cannot advance beyond the point of impact to disrupt the sniper shots of Shepard. Be careful of the cerberus operatives who will move to the left of Shepard to try to flank Shepard and attack Shepard from the side.

Example - the turret control room fight. In the turret control room fight, Shepard may be low in health, and should use med kit to heal up before engaging the cerberus operatives. This is a relatively close combat quarters fight where Shepard's sniper shot abilities from long range may take too long to be effective. Instead, switch to the M23-Katana and use tactical cloak, followed by firing of the Katana shots at close range. If the cerberus operatives get too close, use quick take down eliminate the enemies (striker technique). The adventurous infiltrator may want to use tactical cloak and then move in between the enemies and take down down with the omni-blade and then return to cover and repeat the action again when tactical cloak is available after cooldown. Use Liara and Ashley to provide Singularity and Inferno Grenade damage and crowd control at strategic locations within the room if the situation becomes too overwhelming.

Example - the tram and cable car fight. This massive series of combat scenarios take place in three stages - before the cable car fight, within the cable car itself and after the cable car fight (before heading into the main chamber containing the mars prothean data). Before the cable car door opens to launch lots of cerberus operatives, place Liara and Ashley each on the two sides of the upper platform, and Shepard will take his position in the center. When the cable car door opens, use Singularity and Inferno Grenade to create a fiery vortex of dark space that the enemies cannot advance through without being flung helpless into mid-air. And then use Shepard to pick off the remaining enemies from long range. It is likely the guardians will be the only enemies left after this initial Shepard team onslaught. So tactical cloak and head downstairs and use the omni-blade to swipe the guardian from the side and back. Or just continue to hit the guardians through the slot in their shield, a technique known as mail shot. For the cable car fight, use the close combat quarters tactics. For the final mars base chamber fight against the cerberus operatives, use the combination of tactics illustrated above to defeat the cerberus operatives with style, combat veteran smoothness and effectiveness.

Mass Effect 3 Synopsis for Mars Mission

This will provide a synopsis for the mass effect 3 mars mission. Before starting the mars mission, and after the escape from Earth, get renegade points by using the ruthless approach when talking to James. Land on Mars and defeat the first wave of cerberus operatives. Get into the mars base and get reacquainted with Liara. Liara joins the team in place of James. Defeat more cerberus operatives with the team of Liara and Ashley. The lift will be sabotaged, so instead use the vehicle lift control to climb into the upper levels. Climb onto the ledge that contains lots of ammo and then climb up again to the next crate. Jump onto the elevated vehicle and then jump into the upper level.

Within the next room, read datapad for xp and collect the M4 Shuriken. Use the security console to learn the existence of a "woman" known as Dr Eva. Go out into the Mars atmosphere and collect a Kassa Fabrication Chestplate along the way. Go into the darkened airlock. Spy on some cerberus operatives in the darkness, and then shoot through the glass and defeat these cerberus operatives. Turn around and collect the SMG scope. Use environment control to depressurize the room and use the security console to see more Dr Eva security surveillance. When Liara expresses regret at not exposing Dr Eva, use the statement "forget it, let's move" to gain renegade points.

Move on to the next room and discover a weapon bench. Turn around and find the SMG ultralight material. Move on to the long corridor fight. Defeat these cerberus agents, and find two panels controlling two cleansing beams within the room. Use the right sided panel to stop the beams when it swerves beyond the exit door within the chamber. Head into the room to collect shotgun high caliber barrel 1, sniper rifle extended barrel 1, med kit and datapad. Move to the next corridor and collect the M23-Katana.

Use dash to run past the turrets. Within the turrets control room, defeat the cerberus operatives and witness more footage of Dr Eva. Remember to collect the sniper rifle concentration module. Talk to Ashley at this point to start regaining her trust. Discover the true nature of the cerberus operatives and use a ruse to trick cerberus operatives to come to Shepard with their cable car. Defeat these operatives and hijack the cable car and fight your way to the chamber containing the Prothean data. Collect the shotgun shredder upgrade and M15-Vindicator before moving on.

Finally arrive at the Prothean data chamber on Mars. Watch as Dr Eva snatches the data and makes a run for it. Chase after Dr Eva.


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