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Mass Effect 3 Geth Dreadnought Mission

Updated on March 19, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Geth Dreadnought Mission

In Mass Effect 3, Shepard meets with the quarians, including Tali at the far rim, and then travels to the geth dreadnought to disable it. This will guide Shepard the infiltrator in the Priority: Perseus Veil Mission, where he will have to devise tactics to defeat geth troops, including the almost invisible and stealthy geth hunters, the geth rocket troopers and the geth primes. Interesting items in the Geth Dreadnought mission will also be mentioned.

Mass Effect 3 Defeat Geth in Geth Dreadnought

The geth that Shepard encounters in the geth dreadnought, and the tactics deployed by the geth are as follows

  • geth troopers – these are the regular geth cannon fodder.
  • geth rocket troopers – these are armed with rocket launchers and can take significant damage off Shepard with one hit. Use cover and eliminate them as fast as possible.
  • geth hunters – these can stealth, go almost invisible and sneak up unseen towards Shepard and then release their weapon attacks on Shepard, crippling and downing Shepard in one strike. Use distraction against them, and use shotgun attacks on them when they get too close.
  • geth primes – the geth primes will emerge at the final stage of the disable the geth dreadnought mission; they combine the best of armor protection with rocket launching abilities, and can also launch a combat drone.

Mass Effect 3 Get Into Geth Dreadnought

Mass Effect 3 Get Into Geth Dreadnought - Walk round the tube and then straight ahead when there is a way, not just straight all the time
Mass Effect 3 Get Into Geth Dreadnought - Walk round the tube and then straight ahead when there is a way, not just straight all the time

Mass Effect 3 Tactics to Use and Items to Pick Up at Different Locations in the Geth Dreadnought

Shepard will have to bring Tali along for this mission; that leaves one companion for Shepard to choose to bring along for the dreadnought mission. For old time's sake, and if Shepard had recruited Ashley Williams previously, then Ashley Williams will be selected for this mission.

The tactics to use and the more interesting items to pick up to survive the different locations in the geth dreadnought are listed below -

[Zero Gravity Field Tunnel] – this is a non-combat zone, where Shepard has to walk around the tunnel in a circle (not just straight ahead) and then find the most accessible path to move forwards towards the airlock into the geth dreadnought

[Geth Dreadnought Entrance] – a gentle introduction to the geth dreadnought, where Shepard and team have to fight through some standard geths to reach the geth operations center. An interesting tactic here is to use Shepard the infiltator's Sabotage power to turn the geth against themselves. Remember to look around and pick up the Arc Pistol, the Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope, the Archon Visor and the Geth Pulse Rifle before heading into the next area.

[Geth Operations Center] – this is a classic entrenchment battle, where Shepard and team will hide behind cover at one end of the roughly oval shaped geth operations center, and sniper shoot geth troopers from afar. Geth hunters will stealth and sneak in towards Shepard. When they are too close, roll away and use the shotgun to defeat them. Following Tali's study and activation of the control console within the Geth Operations Center, there will be another wave of geth to defeat.

[Geth Battery Area] – the first part of the battery area illustrates how difficult this stage is. Not only does Shepard have to contend with the rocket launching geth rocket troopers and invisible geth hunters, he will also be periodically damaged by the electrical discharge in the battery area. The key here is to use sniper shots against the geth rocket launchers, and then switch to the claymore shotgun, take care of the geth hunters who have sneaked near Shepard and then climb the stairs on the right and head to the next section of the battery area. Look for a console on the far side on the left to switch off the electrical discharge and finish off the remaining enemies in this area. Tali's distracting combat drones will help greatly in this area.

[Geth Battery Exit Area] – Shepard and crew must exit the notorious geth battery area and get into the core of the geth dreadnought. There is a platform from which Shepard has to climb down. The key here is to climb down the platform, activate the combat scenario in this area, and then climb back up again onto the platform. Take cover behind the platform cover and systemically sniper shoot all the geth in this area from behind this high cover. Occasionally, the geth will get past your line of defense and climb up the stairs onto the platform. Use the shotgun to eliminate these geth who have strayed from the path.

[Geth Dreadnought Final Stage Fight] – this fight occurs after speaking to Legion or Geth VI. Geth will approach Shepard and team in a semicircle like arc on the left. Hide behind cover, and pick off the geth as they move towards Shepard. When the first wave of geth cannon fodder has been eliminated, head towards where they came from, but still under cover and spot a geth prime from afar. If there are still some geth in this area, use Shepard's sabotage powers to turn the geth prime against it's comrades. Remember to pick up grenades lying on the ground throughout this mission so that Ashley will have enough grenades to launch inferno grenades on the geth prime. Combine this with Tali's maxed out energy drain and Shepard's maxed out Incinerate attack and the geth prime will be defeated. Following the defeat of the first geth prime, a second geth team will arrive. Defeat these and the second geth prime using the same tactics and head out for the final cutscenes of the geth dreadnought mission.


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