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Mass Effect 3 Attican Traverse the Rachni Mission

Updated on March 16, 2012

Mass Effect 3 the Rachni Queen

Mass Effect 3 the Rachni Queen in Attican Traverse: the Rachni Mission
Mass Effect 3 the Rachni Queen in Attican Traverse: the Rachni Mission

Mass Effect 3 Utukku Missing Krogan Scouts Mission

In Mass Effect 3, Shepard heads to Planet Utukku to investigate the mystery of the missing krogan scouts. This is the Attican Traverse: the Rachni mission in Shepard's journal. Utukku is a planet within the Nimah cluster, and more specifically within the Mulla Xul system. This mission is obtained by speaking to Wreav or Wrex in the war room. This will guide Shepard in preparing for the attican traverse: the rachni mission, and provide tactics on defeating the enemies in this mission, and also give a synopsis of the items that can be picked up for this mission.

Mass Effect 3 Preparations for the Attican Traverse: the Rachni Mission

The rachni mission takes place in the attican traverse part of the galaxy, and features a scifi dungeon crawl though the tunnels of Utukku. To prepare for the missing scouts mission, Shepard the infiltrator should bring the following equipment and have the following combat capabilities -

  • Shepard should have at least 5 med kit carriage capacity to take into the mission; this allows for repeated healing during difficult parts of this mission where Shepard and his team can become overwhelmed by swarms of enemies and explosions.
  • Do not bring too many weapons types, but at least three types of weapons, namely the sniper rifle, battle rifle and the shotgun.
  • Bringing a limited range of weapons will increase the cooldown speed of Shepard's powers, particularly the tactical cloak; this is important as Shepard can become swarmed by the swarmers and husks in a hurry, and if he can tactical cloak fast, he can cloak and find cover somewhere.
  • Ammo is available but in limited supply for this mission, hence a weapon (like the battle rifle) with plenty of ammunition is needed.
  • Increase Shepard's armor, shields and health, for example, through the use of the N7 armor type as repeated explosions within the mission can take rapid cumulative damage on Shepard. Use the armor suite in Shepard's cabin and the shuttle bay to play around and come up with the best combinations.
  • Companions to bring can vary depending on Shepard's tactics and mood for the day, but should at least include Liara for her singularity power.

Mass Effect 3 Items that can be Picked Up for the Attican Traverse: the Rachni Mission

These items include (from most interesting to least) -

  • M-300 Claymore – this shotgun can be used to eliminate enemies in one strike due to its massive damage, particularly if upgraded correctly; its downside is its slow rate of firing and weight
  • M-451 Firestorm -this is used to destroy the gestation pods, spore pods and webbing that litter the whole of this area; Shepard can also use the omniblade and other ammunition to destroy the web. In addition, the M-451 Firestorm can be used by Shepard on the enemies in a charge and burn attack
  • Shotgun Shredder Mod
  • Shotgun Spare Ammo
  • Ariake Technologies Shoulder Guard
  • SMG High-Caliber Barrel
  • Pistol High-Caliber Barrel

Look carefully for these items, especially in alcoves beyond webbings and behind gestation and spore pods.

Mass Effect 3 Tactics for Defeating the Enemies in the Attican Traverse: the Rachni Mission

The rachni mission will feature lots of interesting enemies. These enemies are easy to defeat one on one, but when they are combined, their powers, moves and tactics complement each other, and make them difficult to defeat as a unit. These enemies include

  • Ravager – this is a rachni – cyborg mutation created by the Reapers. These tend to stay at the back of the enemies unit and fire off missiles and ammunition from range. They also release swarmers to “flush out” enemies.
  • Swarmers – these are small rachni pest like creatures released by ravages which will “swarm” towards Shepard and his team and explode, causing massive damage when they collectively explode.
  • Husks – your typical reaper cannon fodder, made more dangerous because when they move towards Shepard, he needs to break cover. When Shepard breaks cover, he is vulnerable to attack by the ravager and the cannibals.
  • Cannibals – these are the reaper troops that will hide behind cover and shoot at Shepard and his team; they will also cannibalize any fallen comrades and increase their armor factor
  • Barriers – these passive reaper nodes will create barriers around the above enemies, making them even more difficult to defeat (ie on top of armor and health, Shepard has to destroy the barriers first), so when Shepard sees this, destroy it immediately before concentrating on the other enemies.
  • Gestation Pods – these will explode on shooting to produce swarmers; one interesting way to deal with this is to destroy the pods with the firestorm weapon, and create a singularity above the pods
  • Spore Pods – these will explode on contact; their combined explosive powers can take down Shepard and his team fast. They are passive and cannot move and Shepard should take them out from range as fast as possible before the other mobile units appear.

The units of ravager, swarmers, husks, cannibals and barriers will combine and attack Shepard and this team at various points throughout this mission. In particular, towards the end of the mission, Shepard will be besieged by units after units of these enemies. The last unit will have two ravages.

Seek cover, shoot the ravager from afar using the sniper rifle and use incinerate on the ravager to finish it fast. Then concentrate on the other enemies. Use singularity to trap, levitate and damage mobile enemies (swarmers and husks) at narrow points in the battlefield or tunnel. Use roll to avoid swarmers and let your teammates defeat the swarmers, whilst Shepard can focus on the cannibals. Always destroy the barrier nodes first if they are present.

Mass Effect 3 Outcome of the Rachni Mission

At the end of the rachni mission, Shepard has the option of saving the rachni queen or he can abandon her. This will affect the outcome of Shepard's war assets and have some impact towards how the end game against the reapers play out. Give it some extra thoughts when making this decision.


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