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Monster High Wydowna Spider Doll SDCC Exclusive 2013

Updated on July 18, 2014

Wydowna Spider SDCC Exclusive 2013

Wydowna Spider is also known as Webarella in Power Ghouls. She is the Daughter of Arachne. She's a spider-like creature and she was first seen at SDCC 2011. After 2 long years she finally makes it to become the SDCC Exclusive Monster High Doll for 2013.

As promised May 15, 2013, they finally reveal the official picture of Wydowna Spider. She comes with another set of outfit a brush and a pet. She'll be available for pre-order on June 4, 2013 at and to be picked up at San Diego Comic-Con. If you missed the date of pre-order, you can purchase this doll at the show.

Monster High Webarella SDCC 2013 Exclusive


Webarella Wydowna Spider
Webarella Wydowna Spider

I've got a better picture of her. Take a look guys. Actually, I think I like her now. I like her new outfit compare to the previous one. I think she's more classy and hot now. She looks great in her red outfit with spider web detail. And her boots, oh it's so awesome! She has 6 arms and 2 legs. She has 6 red eyes but the lower two are like human eyes. Her skin is black and her red hair is wavy. She has fangs too. Monster High Webarella SDCC 2013 ExclusiveCHECK PRICE

Cant go to SDCC Show? - Get her on eBay

Actually you can get her for just $25 if you are going to attend San Diego Comic Con. But if you can't make it, or going there will cost you much higher, I still its still smarter to buy her on eBay or Amazon after the show.

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Extra Fashion Set and Pet

Wydowna Spider extra outfit and pet
Wydowna Spider extra outfit and pet

This is the extra fashion set of Wydowna which also includes her pet fly.

Wydowna 2011 Picture

Monster High Wydowna Daughter of Arachne Picture
Monster High Wydowna Daughter of Arachne Picture

This is the prototype of Wydowna, Daughter of Arachne, in her picture, she was wearing Ghoulia's necklace and Cleo's bracelet. Her hair is red and her skin color is black.

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