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Sirena Von Boo Doll From Monster High - Release Date & News

Updated on January 30, 2014

On this page we are going to be taking a look at the new Sirena Von Boo doll from Monster High. We will have a close look at this brand new character, we will review the Sirena Von Boo doll then look at things like release date, price and where you can get hold of Sirena from. Along with that we will also look at some of the new dolls coming out later in 2014. If you are a fan of Monster High and want to know all the latest news, then you are in the right place.

Monster High has been one of the most popular lines of toys for several years now. These dolls are based on well known monster, in fact, most of them are said to be the offspring of famous monsters throughout history. There is also a show where all the characters attend a high school which is of course known as Monster High. There are countless characters and Mattel, the company behind MH, are always looking to bring out new characters and new dolls. Later in 2014 there is a new Special episode coming out called Freaky Fusion. There will be several brand new characters introduced to the line up when this show airs, one of these is going to be called Sirena Von Boo. So let’s take a look at her.

Sirena Von Boo

The New Sirena Von Boo Doll

So what can we tell you about the new Sirena Von Boo doll? Well at the moment there is not that much known about her. Mattel first applied for a trademark for the name back in November and that is when we first got wind of the possibility of her being introduced. Then news was leaked that there would be a new special called Freaky Fusion and that Sirena would indeed be one of the new characters making her debut. When we learn more about her character and where she originates from we will of course update our page and let you know.

What we do know of Sirena is that she is part Mermaid and part Ghost. This is of course suggested by the name Sirena which indicates she is some kind of siren or Mermaid and then Von Boo suggests she has some kind of relation to a ghost. All the new characters in Freaky Fusion are a mix of two different monsters, the storyline suggests that characters are fused together to become one. We do now know if Sirena Von Boo comes with her own pet or not. Most of the characters at Monster High do have pets so we assume she will have something, we would like it to be some kind of sea creature, maybe a seahorse or a lobster would be good.

So what of the actual doll that Mattel are bringing out. Well as you can see from the picture she has long blue wavy hair, a pale complexion and dark eyes. Her most impressive feature is without a doubt her mermaid tail, this looks really good and will be a big selling point for the doll. As is the case with all the dolls you also get a copy of her dairy, a hair brush and a doll stand.

When it comes to a release date for Sirena Von Boo nothing has been confirmed yet. The Freaky Fusion special is said to air in the fall of 2014 but chances are that the release date for the dolls will be moved forward to sometime over the summer months. There are even a few showing up online for pre-order now. If we get a definite release date confirmed we will update our page and let you know.

New Freaky Fusion Dolls

More New Monster High Dolls For 2014

There have already been some very exciting new doll releases of late. The Special Frights, Camera, Action show introduced four new characters to Monster High and these are proving to be very popular. We have Honey Swamp who is a swamp monster with an impressive afro. Clawdia Wolf who is the older sister of Clawdeen Wolf. There is also Elissabat who is the daughter of a vampire bat and then there is Viperine Gorgon who is the cousin of Deuce Gorgon and she is the daughter of Stheno who is the sister of Medusa. All these new characters also had dolls brought out with them and they have been very popular.

Later in 2014 though we have this new Freaky Fusion special coming out. Along with Sirena Von Boo there will also be other new characters introduced, so let’s look at these.

Avea Trotter - She is a cross between a Centaur and a Harpy which means that she actually has the body of a horse which is very impressive. Avea Trotter has short dark hair and lilac skin. We expect her to be a very popular addition to the Monster High ghouls.

Bonita Femur - Bonita is a cross between a skeleton and a moth. Her most impressive feature is without a doubt her wings and these come across really well on the doll version of her.

Neighthan Rot - This is one character that is still a rumour. Mattel applied for the trademark for the name back in November but there has of yet been no definite news of a release.

As well as these brand new characters there are also lots of other news dolls coming out based on the Freaky Fusion storyline. The exciting thing is that we are likely to see dolls fused together, so characters such as Frankie Stein and Draculaura could actually be fused into one character. We do not yet know which dolls are going to be pared up but it is a very interesting prospect for us to look forward to. There is also going to be a Freaky Fusion castle play set brought out which is going to be a massive three feet tall.

As you can see there is lots to look forward to in 2014 for Monster High fans. The new Sirena Von Boo doll looks like being a really good one and we are sure fans of the show are going to fall in love with her instantly. Mattel have been working really hard to come up with some good new characters and once again they have come up trumps with this latest batch. When Freaky Fusion hits our screens later in the year there is going to be lots of excitement surrounding these brilliant new characters.


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