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Pokemon - Snivy

Updated on May 30, 2011

Pokemon Guides - Snivy

Welcome to our information page on the Pokemon, Snivy. On this page, you'll find a background to Snivy, including details of anime appearances, key information from console game appearances, a list of Trading Card Game appearances, videos and much more besides. Don't forget to vote in our Snivy poll and say 'hello' on our guestbook too. Enjoy!

A grass-type Pokemon, Snivy first appeared in the Pokemon anime, in the first episode of the Black & White series, when Professor Juniper gives Trip his starter Pokemon which promptly defeats Pikachu. A few episodes later, Ash acquires his very own Snivy. It is also one of the three starter Pokemon in Black & White for the Nintendo DS, along with Tepig and Oshawott. Snivy evolves into Serpine.

KEY FACT: in the console games, Snivy is one of the three Black & White Starter Pokemon, available in Kanoko Town.

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Snivy in the Console Games


Snivy made its first appearance in the console games, as one of the Unova Region starter Pokemon in Black & White, received from Prof Juniper. The in-game description in Pokemon Black reads: "It is very intelligent and calm. Being exposed to lots of sunlight makes its movements swifter." It is Pokemon Number 495 in the National Pokedex.


Snivy evolves into Servine at Level 17

Servine evolves into Serperior at Level 36


Overgrow - once Snivy's Hit Points fall below one third, Grass moves are 1.5 times more powerful.

Key Moves

Some of the main moves learned by Snivy:

Level 1 - Tackle - Normal Type - Power 50 Accuracy 100%

Level 16 - Grass Mixer - Grass Type - Power 65 Accuracy 90% and can reduce foe's accuracy

Level 34 - Giga Drain - Grass Type - Power 75 Accuracy 100% and Snivy heals 50% of the damage done to the foe

Level 43 - Leaf Storm - Grass Type - Power 140 Accuracy 90% but Snivy's Special Attack is reduced after use

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Snivy TCG Appearances

Snivy has appeared for the Japanese Pokemon Trading Card Game in the Journey Partners collection sheets.

Snivy was one of the tin cards released with the English-Language Black & White Sneak Peak Tin. It is also present in the first Black and White release, with a set number of 1/114.

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Snivy in Video

Lets take a look at Snivy in action...

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      how much money was the snivy card and all the others

    • maytheforcebewi profile image

      maytheforcebewi 7 years ago

      @Bus Stop Toy Shop: I would like to get Black too, but my brother has it and he can trade me any Pokemon I can't get.

    • Bus Stop Toy Shop profile image

      Bus Stop Toy Shop 7 years ago

      @maytheforcebewi: Cool. Did you get Black as well, or are you starting with just the one?

    • Bus Stop Toy Shop profile image

      Bus Stop Toy Shop 7 years ago

      @finalfantasyxvi: Yep, my experience so far is that Snivy is the most popular of the starters.

    • maytheforcebewi profile image

      maytheforcebewi 7 years ago

      I just got White!

    • finalfantasyxvi profile image

      finalfantasyxvi 7 years ago

      great page snivy is cool!

    • profile image

      termit_bronx 7 years ago

      I love pokemons! I played games on Gameboy, it was totally awesome! Cartoons are great too ;)

    • WindyWintersHubs profile image

      WindyWintersHubs 7 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      I'm a fan of Pokemon!

    • maytheforcebewi profile image

      maytheforcebewi 7 years ago

      I think most people will start out with Snivy. I love Pokemon!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      The Pokeman snivy looks great for PC games.