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Prototype 2 Operation Manticore

Updated on April 29, 2012

Prototype 2 Operation Manticore

In Prototype 2 Operation Manticore, Heller obtains information about a possible bioweapon project involving Dr Castleman. Blacknet missions like operation manticore are generally obtained from black terminals in Blackwatch red zones or bases. Follow the blacknet sign to the designated spot to activate the mission. When entering blackwatch guarded compounds, always adopt a blackwatch guard or scientist skin to avoid increase in alertness level. The blacknet terminal at the start of the operation manticore mission cannot be accessed unless Heller finds Dr Castleman.

These blacknet missions are important because various mutations in the area of offensive mutations, defensive mutations, predator mutations and locomotion mutations will be unlocked when these mission are completed. A few mutations will be unlocked by completing one mission, and Heller can only choose one mutation at one time. In this particular mission Operation Manticore, the locomotion mutation jumpy or dashing will be unlocked, allowing for increased jump distances, or increase speed and hanging in air dash. Although seemingly unimportant except in the movement from point A to point B, these locomotion mutations are in fact crucial for the defeat of some bosses such as the hydra, where jump dodging and increased speed hanging in the air prevents Heller from being annihilated by the hydra's tentacles.

Prototype 2 Operation Manticore

Prototype 2 Complete Operation Manticore to Unlock Locomotion Mutation
Prototype 2 Complete Operation Manticore to Unlock Locomotion Mutation

Prototype 2 Find Dr Castleman and Complete the Gentek Support 2-c Sub-mission In Operation Manticore

To find Dr Castleman, head over to the northwest are of the city (near location 183, 1011 on the map) Consume Dr Castleman and absorb his memories. Learn of Gentek scientists in the vicinity who have helped support the bioweapons project. They must be consumed. For an added bonus, Heller can attempt to stealth consume them. There is a systemic way to stealth consume mobs without triggering an alert (see below). When the scientists are fully absorbed, Operation Manticore continues with the learning of another blacknet terminal near the north of the city.

Prototype 2 Infiltrate Hive J-10 and Complete the Suppression 1-f Sub-mission in Operation Manticore

In the Suppression 1-f sub-mission in Operation Manticore, Heller will be directed to a blackwatch guard with a brain sign next to him. Consume him, and learn of the next blacknet terminal. Head there, activate the terminal and learn of the Hive J-10 near the location 290, 1263. Outside the hive, shapeshift into a scientist or blackwatch guard, and then stealth consume the mobs present. Now go to the hive entrance and enter the hive.

Underground in the hive J-10, the blackwatch men are engaged in fierce battle against the mercer infected humans, guarding the scientists in the middle. Heller must consume all the scientists and blackwatch men. A ultimate stealth consume tactics is needed here; otherwise Heller will be caught in the crossfire between the blackwatch guards and the virus infected humans, and perish quite fast. To stealth consume every single blackwatch guard, head up to one of the large crates where there are blackwatch men guarding some scientists. Left tap to find the one blackwatch mob that is not being watched. Consume that one. Repeat the process. Left tap and find the next blackwatch men not being watched. Stealth consume him. Repeat this process until all the blackwatch men and scientists are stealth consumed. As more mobs are stealth consumed, it gets easier and easier.

Now head either to the top of the next large crate or to the botttom of the crate and stealth consume the remaining blackwatch guards and gentek scientists. With the demise of the blackwatch and gentek team in the hive, head above ground to find Heller being attacked by two APCs. Switch to claw and tendril attack mode and use available rocket launchers to defeat the APC and surrounding enemies. Flush out the commander, defeat him and complete Operation Manticore. Heller will be rewarded with the locomotion mutation unlocks.


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