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Prototype 2 Evolution Level Up Guide

Updated on May 8, 2012

Prototype 2 Evolution Level Up Guide

In Prototype 2, when Heller levels up, that means he evolves. Level up or evolution is achieved by gaining experience points, which translates to level up levels. At each level, one or more points may then be allocated to one of five categories, some of which are locked until certain conditions or abilities have been achieved. These evolved abilities include-

  • Movement – with each evolution, Heller's sprint and jump height are increased. At high evolutionary levels, Heller gains air dash and his air dash speed increases.
  • Health – with each evolution, Heller's health is increased.
  • Regeneration – as Heller levels up, his health bar will regenerate outside combat. Also consuming entities will allow him to gain more health. At high evolutionary states, health will even begin to regenerate during combat.
  • Shapeshifting – with each evolutionary upgrade, Heller's ability to infiltrate and escape alerts increases. For example, his suspicion cool down rate will increase, viral detectors will find it harder to detect the Mercer virus within him, strike teams will arrive later and enemy vision cones will decrease.
  • Mass – this is only acquired and upgradable after the devastator ability is obtained.
  • Finishers – allows vehicles and later helicopters to be destroyed.

Prototype 2 Evolution Level Up Guide

Prototype 2 Evolution Level Up Guide
Prototype 2 Evolution Level Up Guide

Prototype 2 Mutations Evolution Guide

Level up is only one way for Heller to evolve. Heller can also acquire mutations and evolve offensively, defensively or become a master of locomotion. These mutations can be unlocked by means other than level up. For example, Heller can collect a set of blackbox collectibles within a particular zone in the city. Or Heller can complete certain op fields within a particular area. These may include defeating a series of mobs or monsters. Once a certain set of conditions within the op fields is completed, Heller will unlock more mutations. Some of these offensive mutations look amazing and include -

  • Revenge Boost – pummel infected enemies with more force.
  • Darwinism – inflict more damage on on military enemies.
  • Heller's Angels – gives more damage boost to brawler pack.
  • Good Little Soldier – deal more damage when operating military weapons and vehicles.
  • Death From Above – increase aerial attack damage.
  • Melee Expert – increase range of melee attacks.
  • Rocker Arm – improve throwing damage and speed.
  • Devastatingly Beautiful – widen the range of Heller's devastator.
  • Strike Force – attack enemies with stronger melee attacks.

Play on in the prototype 2 game to unlock more defensive, locomotion and predator mutations.

Prototype 2 Powers, Skills and Abilities Guide

Progression through optional missions is one way to evolve and become more mutated, but is not the only way to get more powers. As Heller journeys through the prototype 2 world, he will acquire powers through various stages of the game. With each power, Heller can then evolve them by finding certain marked targets and consuming them and becoming more and more powerful. For example, at the encounter with the first brawler, Heller acquires claws. Then consume correct targets to increase damage and range of these claws.

Journey on through the prototype 2 world to unlock more powers such as tendrils, classified skills and abilities (such as the shield ability).


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