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Read Black Book the Sallow Regent

Updated on December 14, 2012

Skyrim Read Black Book Sallow Regent

Skyrim Dragonborn Read Black Book Sallow Regent
Skyrim Dragonborn Read Black Book Sallow Regent

In Skyrim, the hero sets out to find more Black Books. The location of more black books will be divulged by Neloth once it becomes known to him. Travel to Tel Mithryn to speak to Neloth. And ask him the Black Book. After the main quest is completed, Neloth will tell the hero more locations for the Black Book. This will guide the hero on how to get the Black Book Sallow Regent from the White Ridge Barrow and then how to navigate the area that the Black Book Sallow Regent sends the hero to after the hero reads the Sallow Regent.

Skyrim Get the Black Book Sallow Regent

Neloth will tell the hero that the Black Book is at White Ridge Barrow. White Ridge Barrow is located somewhere to the northwest of Solstheim. Fast travel there via some of the other dungeons or locations near the White Ridge Barrow such as the dragon wall. Then enter White Ridge Barrow.

On entering White Ridge Barrow, the hero can immediately tell that man is not on top of the food chain here, as there are lots of corpses of reavers here. The difficult part in navigating the White Ridge Barrow dungeon lies in the first part of the dungeon, where there is a circular corridor, and then a narrow doorway into a staircase that leads downwards. This staircase is blocked by cob webs and may appear almost impassable or invisible to the hero. Go through the cob webs and then go down.

The main monsters here are spiders, either albino spiers or flame cloaked spiders. Defeat them and the path to the Black Book is relatively straightforward. Go through the passageway and chamber all the way to the White Ridge Sanctum.

In the White Ridge Sanctum, continue defeating spiders and then finding a way to the final chamber. In the final chamber, the hero needs to defeat Dukaan. Go into sneak mode and launch arrow attacks against him. When Dukaan gets too close, run away and come back in sneak mode to attack him again. Eventually, he will be defeated.

The hero will then pick up the Black Book Sallow Regent there. The hero can either bring the book back to Neloth first, or he can read it straight away.

Skyrim Read the Black Book Sallow Regent

When the hero reads the Black Book Sallow Regent, the hero will be transported to Apocrypha. This is the realm that the hero has visited in the main quest. However, this part of the realm is shrouded in darkness and secrecy. Furthermore, the darkness is like the acid in the previous visits. The darkness does damage to the hero. So the hero must stay in the light almost all the time to avoid being damaged. However, the hero does need to move into the dark area to find the lost knowledge of the Black Book Sallow Regent. So this will guide the hero on how to move through this dark realm and find the secrets of the Sallow Regent.

The hero will start off in a blurry but lit area of Apocrypha. From here, the hero can barely see some dark paths leading off somewhere. If the hero ventures down the path, then he cannot see anything and will continuously take damage from the darkness. It is better to wait for the havering beacon of light to lead the way and lead the hero down the path. Once the path is lit up, then the hero will not take damage anymore. So hurry down the path after the beacon of light.

The hero's goal initially is to reach a large dark area. There will be some seekers here. It is wise for the hero not to engage the seekers in the darkness, as the hero will suffer both from the damage from the seekers and the darkness. It is better to look for a path that will lead the hero up into the darkness beyond. This path should be somewhere on the left of the large chamber that the hero wanders into.

Wait for the beacon of light and then follow the beacon of light and go up the path. The path will open up as the hero goes up. Be careful not to move too fast for the path will not have opened up yet and be careful not to move too slowly, as the path will close again. As the hero moves up in the darkness, he will reach a point where he will just about make out a lurker. This is both good and bad news for the hero. The good news is that the hero is on the right path. The bad news is that the hero has to fight off the lurker or run past the lurker. Fighting in the dark is generally not good for the hero and he should just run past the lurker. Continue to go up the path in semi-darkness, and the hero will eventually reach the Apocrypha version of the Sallow Regent.

Read it and choose your reward. Three rewards are available for the hero, but one ability will be active at a time -

  • Seeker of Shadows - stealth skills are all 10% more effective.
  • Seeker of Sorcery - all spells cost 10% less magicka.
  • Seeker of Might - combat skills are all 10% more effective.

Now close the book and return to Skyrim.


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