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Skyrim Fate of the Skaal Quest

Updated on December 9, 2012

Skyrim Dragonborn Fate of the Skaal Quest

Skyrim Dragonborn shatter the Wind Stone and defeat the lurker to decide the fate of the Skaal
Skyrim Dragonborn shatter the Wind Stone and defeat the lurker to decide the fate of the Skaal

Skyrim Dragonborn Fate of the Skaal Quest

In Skyrim Dragonborn, the hero emerges from the temple victorious, but things are far from completed. The hero needs to accompany Frea back to the Skaal village and consult with her father Storn in order to decide what to do next. Storn advises that the hero learn the first word of power of Bend Will at the wall in order to counter Miraak. This will also decide the fate of the Skaal and is aptly named Fate of the Skaal quest. This will guide the hero on how to get the first word of power by travelling to the dragon wall on Solstheim and defeating the dragon, and then using the learned word of power to free the control of Miraak on the Skaal people at the Wind Stone.

Get to the Dragon Wall

This is only one of the dragon walls on Solstheim, with the first likely to be discovered in the temple. To get to the dragon wall that contains the Word of Power Bend Will, the hero needs to travel west and north from the Skaal village across some beaches and snow covered areas. The hero is likely to pass by some horkers on the way there, and will also pass by the Wind Stone.

Continue heading northwest until the hero sees a dragon in the distance. For the archer hero, go into sneak mode and launch a few arrow attacks on the dragon. The dragon will be too busy attacking some draugr minions of Miraak to focus on the hero. It is entirely possible to defeat the dragon from a distance and then run towards the dragon's corpse. Unfortunately, Miraak is able to absorb the dragon’s soul from another plane.

Now, the hero should go up some stairs. The stairs will divide into left and right at some point. The hero should go left and proceed until he reaches an altar to a warrior. On the left of the altar is the dragon wall containing the first word of power Bend Will.

With the word of power so obtained, it’s time to head to the Wind Stone.

Skyrim Cleanse the Wind Stone

Fast travel to the Wind Stone and prepare the dragon shout Bend Will. Go into sneak mode and walk towards the Wind Stone. Now activate the dragon shout at the Wind Stone. Watch as the Wind Stone and the surrounding structure collapse.

The hero should advance backwards in sneak mode from the collapsing structures. After a period of time, a lurker will appear. However, the lurker will not detect the hero if he continues to advance backwards. The recently freed Skaal and Serena will serve as tanks to attack the lurker. From the back of the platoon, launch sneak bow attacks at the lurker until it is defeated.

Travel back to Storn and report the hero’s success. The fate of the Skaal has been decided by the hero. Storn requests that the hero cleanses the other stones. Each stone is cleansed in the same way as above.

Cleanse the remaining stones and then approach Neloth for the quest for more black knowledge.


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