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Resident Evil Raccoon City Defeat Nemesis

Updated on March 28, 2012

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Disable the Nemesis

In Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, the wolfpack must disable or defeat the Nemesis in battle to readjust its attitude and allegiance towards Umbrella. Once defeated, the Nemesis would be injected with a parasitic concoction which would allow Umbrella to control it again. As one might recall, the Nemesis was a soldier mutated into a super mutant with devastating powers and the ability to fight like a soldier (Resident Evil: Apocalypse). The mutation also had the side effects of making the Nemesis look very large, ugly and intimidating. In Operation Raccoon City, these feature of the Nemesis makes it difficult to defeat or disable, and tactics must be used correctly by the squad leader to deploy the wolfpack and disable the Nemesis whilst still surviving against the onslaught of mindless zombie and human tactical forces.

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Defeat Nemesis

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Defeating the Nemesis - the intimidation factor from the Nemesis is enough to make one flee
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Defeating the Nemesis - the intimidation factor from the Nemesis is enough to make one flee

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Tactics to Disable the Nemesis in the First Round

When first entering the chamber containing the Nemesis, the platform that the wolfpack walks into is actually a relatively safe area and can be used as a backup area to rest a little bit in case the Nemesis and the zombie pack become too overwhelming. This area also contains lots of first aid sprays and anti viral sprays, so run back here for some healing or anti-infection when needed. Remember not to stay in the Nemesis's line of fire; it can still be lethal up in the platform, especially near the Nemesis. There are also other containers scattered throughout the chamber which would protect the squad leader from the Nemesis's relentless machine gun attacks. Run into those when the health is low, and then run to a healing green herb or healing first aid spray when the Nemesis's line of fire is diverted away from the squad leader.

To disable the Nemesis, the wolfpack must fire all weapons at the Nemesis until the second stage of this battle is initiated. To do this, the best position to take is directly in front of the Nemesis but behind the second set of crates in front of the Nemesis. Hit out at the Nemesis continuously from here using weapons and grenades, until the zombies start piling into this area. At this point, the squad leader may run out of ammunition and the zombies would disrupt the attacks on the Nemesis. Turn left and run past the container to the cache of ammunition that lie beyond the container. Refill the ammo and return to attack the Nemesis. If the squad leader's health is low, head up the platform as mentioned above, or run for the healing stuff around the chamber. There are many tactics to use in the fight to disable the Nemesis; this is just one of them.

Once the Nemesis has taken enough hits, soldiers will pour into the chamber, initiating the second stage of the fight against the Nemesis.

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Tactics to Disable the Nemesis in the Second Round

This is the actual round where the Nemesis will be disabled enough for the squad leader to inject the Nemesis with the parasite. However, the Nemesis is swarmed by soldiers at this point, and will also be continously spraying the soldiers with firepower from its machine gun. It is not advisable to take the Nemesis out from ground level where there are so many soldiers at ground level. The easier way to disable the Nemesis in the second round is to head upstairs and attack the Nemesis from behind cover from the upper level. Once the Nemesis takes enough damage, it will be disabled, and the squad leader should rush down to inject the Nemesis with the parasite.

Once this is done, the Nemesis will be defeated by the wolfpack, and will be under the control of Umbrella again.


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