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Risen 2 Find O'Brian's Treasure

Updated on May 6, 2012

Risen 2 Get O'Brian's Treasure Map

Risen 2 Drinking Contest Against O'Brian and winning to get his treasure map
Risen 2 Drinking Contest Against O'Brian and winning to get his treasure map

Risen 2 Find O'Brian's Treasure

In Risen 2, the nameless hero must find O'Brian in the pirate's den tavern and then win against him in a drinking contest in order to win the O'Brian treasure map and find O'Brian's treasure. The treasure map will not only allow the hero to find the treasure and impress Steelbeard, but will also be the map to provide fast travel between certain points on the island. This will guide the hero in starting and winning the drinking contest, and then following the path on the treasure map to find and dig up O'Brian's treasure.

Risen 2 How to Get O'Brian's Treasure Map

The nameless hero should proceed to the pirate's den and then into the tavern (run by Booze) to find O'Brian. O'Brian will mention that he has buried the treasure somewhere on the island of Tacarigua, and that only a treasure map will lead one to the treasure. He is prepared to wager the treasure map in a drinking contest against the hero. The hero can wager various items for the treasure map. These items include -

  • a monkey
  • a black pearl
  • 500 gold

To make things as easy as possible (without having to search for a monkey or black pearl), the hero should wager 500 gold. Before the contest can start, the hero must get a painkiller from Booze for 100 gold. So save up about 600 gold to use in getting O'Brian's treasure map. Exchange 600 gold to start the contest.

To win the drinking contest, the hero should save the game before starting the contest. Then click on the bottles as fast as possible. The bottles will fall as the hero gets more drunk; be steadfast and do not slow down in clicking on the bottles. With some practice, the hero will be able to click on all the bottles before O'Brian and win the contest. If the hero fails to win, remember to reload the game and start again. Practice makes perfect.

Once the contest is won, the hero will get O'Brian's Treasure Map.

Risen 2 Find O'Brian's Treasure

Risen 2 Find O'Brian's Treasure using the treasure map
Risen 2 Find O'Brian's Treasure using the treasure map

Risen 2 Get O'Brian's Treasure

After getting the treasure map, the hero must click on the M button to activate the map. Note that the map will show various circles which are the points where the hero can fast travel to and fro. Now click on the logbook on the character screen and set a marker for the active quest, which is O'Brian's treasure map in this case. Switch back to the map and note the presence of an X on the map. This is the location of O'Brian's treasure.

Before getting to O'Brian's treasure location, remember to buy a shovel from Flannigan the shopkeeper. Now head for the water carriers and go past the stream. Move ahead and follow the map to the location of the treasure. Encounter some sand devils here. Defeat them and start digging at the X spot to get O'Brian's treasure.


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