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Risen 2 Get Six Shirts from Gnomes

Updated on May 20, 2012

Risen 2 Get Six Shirts from the Gnomes

Risen 2 Get Six Shirts from the Gnomes - map showing path to the lost gnome and the location of the termite cave
Risen 2 Get Six Shirts from the Gnomes - map showing path to the lost gnome and the location of the termite cave

Risen 2 Get Six Shirts from Gnomes

In Risen 2, to build the raft, the hero needs to get 6 shirts from the gnomes who inhabit the isle of thieves. The gnomes who will give the hero the 6 shirts are -

  • zeki (will reward the hero three shirts for completing the thief has been robbed quest)
  • ulvi (will reward the hero two shirts for completing the lost gnome quest)
  • nuri (will reward the hero one shirt for completing the lost in translation quest)

Risen 2 The Thief Has Been Robbed Quest

Speak to Zeki and learn that Zeki has lost his auri culci “the crown”. The hero must help Zeki by travelling to the termite cave on the isle of thieves to retrieve the crown. There are tons of termites crawling before the cave entrance and within the cave. Defeating the termites when playing solo and marooned on the isle of thieves will be difficult. The key here may be to run past the termites on the outside. They will give up the chase after a while. Run into the cavern and find the deepest path. Within the final cavern there will be some termite warriors and termite workers. Try to prevent their ranged attacks and their venom by using a series of quick attacks and trying to crowd them into a group. Defeat the termites as fast as possible. The hero may have to bring lots of grog, rum and provisions for the thief has been robbed quest as this fight will seriously deplete the hero of his health. Heal up when health drops and finish off the termites. Then pick up the crown on the ground and return to Zeki using fast travel. Zeki will give three shirts to the hero.

Risen 2 The Lost Gnome Quest

Speak to Ulvi and lean that Ulvi has lost a gnome called Kalil. Mark this quest as active and use the map of the isle of thieves to pinpoint the location of the lost gnome. Follow the map and path to this location. Before reaching this location, the hero must engage a black panther in battle. The black panther is vicious and fast and will pin down the hero repeatedly, causing damage. If the hero has run out of healing and regenerative options at this stage, then the only option left is to run from the panther. Run towards the river until the panther stops chasing.Then use the map to head up a small slope and spot four threatening giant crabs in the distance. Do not engage the crabs until the panther has returned to his prowling location. Now from near the bottom of the slope, launch the titan harpoon at the crabs, one at a time. The crabs will find it difficult to advance down the slope, and will be easy cannon fodder for a while. When the crabs finally break free of the vegetation, they will follow the hero down the slope. Try to engage them one at a time, and use a series of block and attack techniques to finish them off. Once the crabs (4/4) are defeated, go up the slope and turn left to find a torch and light source on the ground. Kalil will be there. Speak to him and ask him to be safe and to return to Ulvi.

Return to Ulvi. Inform Ulvi of this successful quest, and the hero will be rewarded with the pitch black pearl. When Kalil returns to Ulvi's home, speak to Ulvi again and get two shirts as a reward.

Risen 2 Lost In Translation Quest

Nuri will attempt to speak to the hero in gnomish. Nuri wants something; however the lost in translation quest dictates the hero does not understand the gnomish language. Offer Nuri an ordinary pearl, and Nuri will say something about “dako”. Speak to Kaan about this, and learn Nuri wants a pitch black pearl. Speak to Nuri again and offer the pitch black pearl to Nuri. The hero will be rewarded with a shirt.

With the six shirts, the five vines and the ten driftwood, head back to Jaffar and talk to him. Then meet him at the western beach, and watch as the raft is built and launched. Land at Tacarigua and head to the pirates' den to rendevous with the Black Betty, Patty and the nameless captain's crew (which now includes Jaffar).


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