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Risen 2 Isle of Thieves

Updated on May 20, 2012

Risen 2 Isle of Thieves

In Risen 2, the nameless hero follows Slayne to the Isle of Thieves. Slayne and the hero must anchor their ships somewhere far from the coast. Heading inland by rowboat, Slayne and the hero reach shore and make their way inland towards Slayne's cave and the hiding place for the Sacrificial Knife. As the hero and Slayne travel inland, they will encounter sand devils. Defeat them and proceed further. Finally, Slayne and the hero reach a cave. Slayne instructs the hero to enter the cave and open the chest (Slayne's treasure chest) that contains the Sacrificial Knife. To the experienced gamer, this whole thing smells like a trap, and so it is. Slayne then creates a cave-in by throwing a barrel of explosives into the cave entrance. The hero is trapped and must find an alternative way out of the cave. This will guide the hero out of the cave on the Isle of Thieves, and will provide tactics on how to defeat the Leviathan.

Risen 2 Find Way Out of Cave on Isle of Thieves

The hero should turn right and find a passageway that leads further into the cave. The passageway will split into two. The right path will lead to a cave where there is a bed to rest and heal up if the hero's health is low. Read the book the Master Thief to gain an insight into another legendary weapon.

The left path will continue the hero's route out of the cave. However, lots of termite workers and termite warriors block the hero's way out of the cave. Defeating them will not be easy as the hero is solo at the moment. Concentrate on the termite workers first, as they can split venom towards the hero. Then defeat the termite warriors. Where possible, retreat to narrow areas where the termites will have to advance one at a time towards the hero. After defeating the termites, search the area near them to find a pirate dagger, grog and a cursed doll. Eventually the hero will find a path that leads to a series of stones or rock like ladder. Descend and reach the depths of the cave. The hero will find himself ankle-deep in water. Hope beckons as the hero knows he is near the exit of the cave.

Risen 2 Defeating the Leviathan on the Isle of Thieves

Risen 2 Leviathan - wait for the claws, block them and then lunge in for a series of attacks
Risen 2 Leviathan - wait for the claws, block them and then lunge in for a series of attacks

Risen 2 Defeat the Leviathan on Isle of Thieves

Finally, the hero will see a cave opening that leads out of the cave on the isle of thieves. However, the hero should move slowly here, as a Leviathan will emerge to attack the hero just as he runs out from the cave. Defeating the Leviathan will be difficult and tactics are provided. Putting down the Leviathan requires patience.

The Leviathan will launch a claw-like attack, or a series of claw-like attacks. When this happens, the hero must learn to block the attacks. When the Leviathan's attacks finish, lunge in and hit the Leviathan using a power attack or a series of quick attacks. Then the Leviathan will attack again. Repeat the process above until the Leviathan is defeated.

When attacking the Leviathan and the termites above, the hero will be damaged. It is imperative to bring rum, grog and provisions to heal up whilst trying to defeat these monsters.

Pick up an oyster shell from the Leviathan's corpse and note some sunken ones waiting to attack the hero on the horizon. The hero can either systematically attack the sunken ones, or simply run away along the beach until safe distance is reached between the sunken ones and the hero. The hero will return to the beach where Slayne and the hero first started on the isles of thieves. Unfortunately, the cunning captain has left, and so has the hero's ship. The hero will be marooned on the isle of thieves, and this begins the marooned quest.


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