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Risen 2 The Natives Quest

Updated on May 12, 2012

Risen 2 The Natives Quest

Risen 2 The Natives Quest Involves Getting to Shaganumbi Village
Risen 2 The Natives Quest Involves Getting to Shaganumbi Village

Risen 2 Help Against Crow Quest

In Risen 2, the nameless hero, Steelbeard and Patty must find Crow and his ship at the Sword Coast. Heading up to shore, the nameless hero can take the first left path and find a small lookout house up the path. Guarding the house are two pirates and two hunters. The hero should take on one mob and allow Patty and Steelbeard to take on one mob each. Use the officer's sword and the pistol to defeat the mobs and then help out Patty and Steelbeard. When the pirates and hunters are defeated, search them for the pirate's saber and pick up the spears, sand and coconut husks.

At this point, Steelbeard will conclude that the natives have banded together with Crow, and help is needed against Crow. This is the natives quest, where the hero must find the natives and recruit them to help defeat Crow. It will also set the hero up for learning voodoo magic.

Risen 2 The Natives Quest

Steelbeard will then lead the way deeper into the sword coast, with the hero and Patty as a group behind him. The first monsters to defeat are the claw monkeys. These are easy. Then there are some stops along the way before Steelbeard will finally show the hero the path up to the native's village.

The first stop involves the cave at the past. Here Steelbeard stops and suggests to the hero to look inside the cave. Head into the cave and go to the end to find two hunters and a pirate. The best way to defeat the two hunters and the pirate (if the hero wants to save glory points for investment later, and therefore has a low blades attribute score at this stage) is to lure them out slowly and surely into Patty and Steelbeard outside. Patty and Steelbead will take on one mob each, leaving the hero with just one mob. Defeat them and head back into the cave to look for the pirate book which will detail the voodoo needle (legendary item). There is also a bed for sleeping in if the hero has low health.

The second stop involves stopping to defeat some blueclaws – monster monkeys with blue claws. After defeating them, Steelbeard will lead the hero to the natives' village – Shaganumbi Village. Head into the village and speak to everyone there. Before being allowed into the village, the hero must speak to Masaru. Either enrage him and engage in combat with him, or use a diplomatic conversational solution to get past him.

Risen 2 Talk to People in the Natives' Village

Within the natives' village (Shaganumbi Village), the hero should attempt to speak to everyone to bring everyone (or at least the natives) onto his side to help against Crow. The other people to speak to include -

  • Nakutu – toughness teacher
  • Slick – non-native; part of Crow's pirate crew
  • Jim – non-native; the hero can learning thieving skills from him
  • Hikoko – trader
  • Kapua – trader

At this point in Risen 2, the most important people to speak to are -

  • Chani – speak to her and learn that she is the chieftain's daughter. At first, she will be reluctant to talk to the hero about voodoo magic and the natives.
  • Badriya (Note that Badriya is also a trader) – after speaking to Chani, speak to Badriya and learn that Chani does not see eye to eye with Bakir's decisions for the tribe. Return to speak to Chani and she will send the hero on the quest to free Tahana. This is also the beginning of the quest to learn voodoo magic.
  • Ranapiri - speak to him after speaking to Chani the second time, and he will lead the way to Tahana.


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