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The Secret World Abilities Guide

Updated on July 14, 2012

The Secret World Abilities Guide with Focus on Elemental Magic and Blood Magic

In the Secret World, the hero can use ability points and skill points to increase and unlock abilities. There are no levels for the hero to level up. As the hero completes mission in the secret world he will gain experience points. Experience points accumulated will earn the hero ability points and skill points. Ability points can be saved up and used to buy new abilities. Skill points allow the hero to distribute these points into various areas including increasing damage or defense within a certain area (such as pistol, chaos magic or hammer ability). This will provide a brief guide or synopsis of the use of ability points and skill points to build up a newbie Illuminati hero in the area of elementalism or elemental magic, blood magic and shotgun abilities.

The Secret World Abilities Guide

The Secret World Wheel of Abilities
The Secret World Wheel of Abilities

The Secret World World Elemental Magic Ability Guide

Magic in the secret world is divided into elemental magic, blood magic and chaos magic. This particular Illuminati hero will focus on elemental magic primarily, with a touch of blood magic.

Within the elemental magic or elementalism category, the magic is divided into the spark and react categories. The hero must distribute ability points into the spark and react categories. Further elemental magic of an advanced nature and requiring much more ability points can only be unlocked by buying all cells of the spark and react categories.

The spark category includes the following abilities -

  • shock - using spurts of electrical shocks to defeat the enemies; helps build up resources.
  • volalite current
  • combust - this produces some fire damage but can only be used after enough elemental resources are built up.
  • rapid combustion - allows combust to be used more rapidly ie the cooldown time is less.
  • electrical storm - stringing the electrical spurts into chains of electricity to be used on enemies.
  • elemental precision
  • molten earth

The react category includes the following abilities -

  • mind over matter
  • ignite
  • elemental force
  • anima charge
  • high voltage
  • thor's hammer
  • toxic earth

Once the cells within the react category and the shock category have all been bought, then the Illumanti hero may want to invest the ability points in one of five elementalism category. One particular category looks really good (tempest category) and includes - wildfire, phantom purge, lightning manifestation, grounded, burnout, lighting in a bottle and overload. These are for the advanced heroes.

For the simple newbie hero, it may be worthwhile trying out some of the shock and react categories and mashing the abilities together on some zombies in Kingsmouth. Note that before the hero can use elemental magic, he must obtain a talisman of elementalism. Skill points can be distributed into elemental magic to allow the hero to use stronger talisman and wield more powerful versions of the above elemental abilities.

The Secret World Blood Magic Low Cost Abilities

With the abilities costing so much to buy at advanced stages of the hero's evolution, the hero must be careful of overspending. The hero may want to specialize in elemental magic, and should get only some of the lower level blood magic abilities to complement his array of elemental magic.

The low ability costs blood magic abilities consist of two categories - sacred and profane. Sacred abilities include (from low costs to higher costs) - unholy knowledge, blood shield, rapid shield, angelic aegis, angel's touch, exsanguinate and coagulate. Profane abilities include boiling blood, corrupted blood, blood spike, dark potency, infection, thicker than water and cardiac arrest. Remember that to use blood magic, one needs to have a blood magic talisman.

Combine these blood magic abilities with the shotgun abilities or other abilities (pistols, assault rifles, blades, hammers, fists, etc) as the hero sees fit, and one will be able to create the ultimate secret world hero in the image of one's playing style.


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