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The Secret World Ground Zero Mission

Updated on July 15, 2012

The Secret World

The Secret World combat scenarios start with the Ground Zero mission.
The Secret World combat scenarios start with the Ground Zero mission.

In the Secret World Ground Zero Misison, the hero has a preview of what the secret world game is all about. This will feature the hero as a member of the Illuminati, striving to naviagate the game and combat mechanics of the secret world. After finding the Illuminati headquarters in New York, the hero is whisked away into some kind of parallel world in Tokyo, where the hero must experience the apocalytic attacks of the filth on the Tokyo underground. This will guide the hero in using the shotgun attacks and abilities in defeating the filth in the Tokyo underground.

The Secret World Filth Attacks in Tokyo

The hero wakes up in the body of a female. The female warrior is part of a group of urban warriors attempting to fend off the attacks of the filth in the Tokyo subway. It will also allow the hero to experience what it feels like fighting within a party to defeat monsters in the secret world. The hero has little time to shake off the rude awakening in Tokyo. The party is attacked by filth almost immediately. The filth appears to be a blackish mist that has taken over control of normal humans. These filth attack the party relentlessly. The hero uses a variety of shotgun attacks to retaliate. The party fends off the first wave of filth attacks. The gates of the Tokyo subway open, allowing the hero and party to descend lower down into the subway, and of course, into the midst of more monsters. As the hero attacks more filth, he acquires more shotgun abilities. These shotgun abilities are actually acquired in the real world of the secret world through the distribution of ability points.

The Secret World Battle Against Filth

Here the shotgun abilities available to the hero include -

  • pump action - shotgun attack that deals a moderate amount of damage in a cone in front of the hero; it will also build a weapon resource for each equipped weapon.
  • powder bum - a single target shotgun strike that deals a moderate amount of damage and causes a hindered state; it will also build a weapon resource.
  • kneecapper - a shotgun attack that deals a moderate amount of damage and slows enemies in a cone in front of you and also helps to create a hindered state.
  • out for a kill - a single shotgun attack that deals a large amount of damage; unfortunately it consumes all shotgun resources.

The hero will also receive a healing ability called spring's blossom. These abilities allow the hero to preview or try out the abilities against various monsters at this stage of the game. As the hero builds up a certain proficiency with these abilities, the bigger mini-bosses appear. The filthy mass appears to defeat the hero. Use all the abilities to defeat the filthy mass.

At a certain point within the subway, the hero will reunite with the rest of the party and attempt to break through the last siege of filth and monsters. The party sacrifices itself to hold off the monsters, allowing the hero to go through into a strange area where space meets the underground Tokyo subway.

At this point, the hero wakes up and must pick up his combat skills and next mission within the Illuminati base and beyond.


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