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Shadowrun Returns Defeat the Ripper in Mercy Mental Hospital

Updated on July 31, 2013

In Shadowrun Returns, the hero is close to learning the truth about the Ripper. First, he must get the DNA sample to Johnny Clean and David Fry II. Johnny Clean will hack into the matrix and learn the truth about the DNA sample and the identity of the Ripper from the various information databases in the matrix. This will provide tactics for the hero as he confronts the Ripper and defeats him at the Mercy Mental Hospital.

Shadowrun Returns the Digital World

Johnny Clean is jacked into the matrix. This is a fairly linear section, where Johnny Clean will move from point A to point B to point C and defeat security drones along the way. The objective is to get to reach the information database and get the required information from the database.

Johnny Clean will have no problems with the drones and getting to the information database, as long as he stays behind cover each time and attacks the drones from behind cover, one at a time. Do not attack from wide open spaces. Remember to heal up when Johnny Clean’s IP points are down.

Shadowrun Returns First Section of Mercy Mental Hospital

Shadowrun Returns get past the first section of Mercy Mental Hospital
Shadowrun Returns get past the first section of Mercy Mental Hospital

Shadowrun Returns Mercy Mental Hospital

After getting the required information from the databases, go discuss the information with Johnny Clean and David Fry II. Through the conversational options in the dialogue, work out the identity of the Ripper and then prepare to go to Mercy Hospital to force him to confess.

Again pick the most appropriate team of shadowrunners ''9speak to Mr Delilah) to come along with you. Remember that Shannon Half-Sky can be recruited for free.

At Mercy Hospital main entrance and lobby, Dr Holmes will take some time to answer the hero’s call. Take this opportunity to explore the asylum. The purpose of these extra quests is to get karma points to raise the hero’s primary attribute as much as possible, in preparation for the big fights that are to come in the game.

First, head down to the cafeteria area and speak to Lorraine. Lorraine will ask the hero to find her friend for her. Head up and then east down the corridor a room with mangled pieces of a corpse. Pick up the ring and return to Lorraine for some karma points.

Then, Dr Holmes answers his call. Through the window, throw the truth at Dr Holmes. He does not even deny the truth. A massive fight breaks out between the asylum’s security guards, crazy patients and the team of heroes. This series of fights will take place over three sections, with the final section being the final fight to take down Dr Holmes.

If the main hero is a mage, then the tactics will be the same as before.

In the first section, the key is to work your way down the corridor on the right to the exit on the top right half of the section. The way will be guarded by guards and crazy patients. Hide behind cover and defeat them all.

Shadowrun Returns Halls of Disrepair

The key in the Halls of Disrepair is to get to the gate key and unlock the gate leading to the third section, where the Emerald City Ripper lie in wait
The key in the Halls of Disrepair is to get to the gate key and unlock the gate leading to the third section, where the Emerald City Ripper lie in wait

Shadowrun Returns Halls of Disrepair

In the second section or Halls of Disrepair, the key is to work your way down the corridor on the left to a room and area where a gate key is located. More crazy patients and security guards block the way there. Once the hero and his team get the gate key, go back to the center of the section. The previously locked gate will now be unlocked, and the hero can proceed through and then get to the exit to reach the final section. Of course, there is the small matter of some resistance from mobs and monsters along the way.

Shadowrun Returns the Emerald City Ripper

Finally, Dr Holmes is within reach at the end of the third section. In the third and final section, Dr Holmes will command his Frankenstein monster, Pitezel to finish off the hero and his mates. The main tactics used here are –

  • Command the drone and the adept to move in first and tank / attack Pitezel.
  • Concentrate all attacks and use as much damage as possible on the Pitezel until he is down.
  • Remember to use Shannon Half-Sky to haste the adept.
  • Use the mage hero’s most powerful spells on the Pitezel.
  • When this monster is finished, attack Dr Holmes relentlessly until he is defeated.

Dr Holmes is defeated, and Sam Watts has been avenged, but the ultimate culprit pulling the strings for Dr Holmes is still out there. It’s time to unearth this culprit.

Return to the Seamstresses Union and stock up, and then go attend Sam’s funeral.


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