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Cards Against Humanity Censored?

Updated on October 8, 2014

Cards Against Humanity Amazon

Is the Cards Against Humanity Too Politically Incorrect To Be Considered Funny?

Is the Cards Against Humanity game too offensive? Some people might think so. After all the promoters bill it as offensive, and its huge cult following seems to openly embrace the racist, misogynistic, male neutering, celebrity bashing and profane combinations of prose. No one could fault you if you came to the conclusion that Cards Against Humanity is an offensive game.

01/28/2014 - Cards Against Humanity "BACK IN STOCK"

After recently reading a couple of articles that suggested the game was wrong, you know "bad". I thought I'd defend it a bit. I like to say humor is a fickle mistress, but I think "Steve Martin" said it best; "Comedy Is Not Pretty".

I suppose if this game were a manifesto that broke society into classes and put one above the other, or cited that it was OK to act on inappropriate impulses with disregard for others there would be a stronger argument for the anti-cards against humanity proponents, however it's not.

This is a game predicated on the notion that a satirical look at society's "Darker Side" is humorous and I think the masses would agree that it is. There is no manifesto, there is no part of the game that suggests it's appropriate to act out or embrace any ill-behavior, other than of course having a terrible sense of humor. In fact it's the absurdity that the typical person playing the game would ever even think the words that they will be verbalizing that makes the game so alluring.

Even though I can find myself a little uncomfortable reciting some of the card combinations, I find nothing overtly offensive, or insulting about the game. It's satirical play. Most cards standing by themselves are innocuous. It's the random pairing of the cards, which have been worked out to form politically incorrect outcomes, that many people find humorous.

When playing this game, it's your task to choose the funniest or most inappropriate combination of cards from those dealt. It's the anticipation that you are going to create something tawdry and inappropriate and share it with your peers that entices people to play. We are what we are, says "Popeye", and this type of activity has always been a hit within our social groups, e.g. "Spin-the-Bottle", "Truth or Dare"," 7 Minutes In Heaven".

Of course, the game should not be used as a method for shocking or disturbing someone who doesn't understand this type of humor. That "would" be offensive and in a way intrusive. Some activities are meant to be situational and playing Cards against Humanity is in my opinion one of those activities.

So I don't think there's a need to censor the game or as one writer suggested sanitize it, but if you're the type of person that is easily offended by stereotypes, shocked by lude or suggestive statements, or feel that any biblical reference made out of context is sacrilegious, you're probably best served to never play this game.

As for myself, and a small group of close friends; We are patiently waiting for the next expansion pack".

Image Source: Screen Shot Of Cards Against Humanity PDF Download.

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Should Cards Against Humanity Be Censored?

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    • BlackSunflowerB profile image

      BlackSunflowerB 3 years ago

      I love this game! I play this with my church group.

    • profile image

      JayRockins 5 years ago

      Some are pretty bad lol... but I think it's good for racy opinions to be "out there". It's a market of ideas, and what fun would it be without extremes? :)

    • ChrisLdn profile image

      ChrisLdn 5 years ago

      I haven't played this game yet but I've really been wanting to!