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Where Do I Buy Cards Against Humanity Online At eBay Or At Amazon?

Updated on October 8, 2014

Buy Cards Against Humanity Online - eBay or Amazon?

You Can Buy Cards Against Humanity Online at Amazon and eBay even when they are out of stock at the CAH website.

There's been more than one article written regarding the practice of online arbitrage and the Cards Against Humanity scenario, (they seem to be perpetually out of stock) we find is stacked in favor of these "online opportunists" ... at least for now.

The up side is - Even when the game is out of stock from the supplier (which currently sells exclusively on Amazon), it is still available to you for purchase on either eBay or Amazon through re-sellers.

The down side is - That re-sellers (arbitragers) are in wait, watching the Amazon listings, ready to purchase as many sets as they can (or they dare), so that they can put them immediately up for resale at a higher price. The re-sellers are counting on the fact that there will soon be a shortage of supply knowing that many won't wait for a lower price before making their purchase.

This shortage hasn't seemed to affect the price or the availability of the expansion packs, at least not yet. Who knows what the future holds.

"Warning"- If you do not understand, or just can't stomach the inglorious dark side of politically incorrect and significantly debasing humor then - "This is not the game for you".

Buy Cards Against Humanity Online

Get The Best Deal When You Buy Cards Against Humanity Online

Recommendation: If you have decided that you are going to put together your set of Cards Against Humanity, purchase the expansion packs while the price is down, even if that means waiting to purchase the main card set.

If You've decided to purchase the entire set regardless of the cost take a minute to review the Amazon and eBay listings (see below)... A minute of your time may well save you several dollars by finding the best price for Cards Against Humanity Online.

"As of January "2014" this game is still not available in any retail stores (and likely will never be) and the only official seller is "Cards Against Humanity" at

You Can Only Buy Cards Against Humanity Online

For anyone who is not aware of it; you can only buy the Cards Against Humanity cards online through Amazon (U.S. edition). That is if you are going to purchase directly from the game maker. A problem that keeps coming up is that the game maker is constantly out of supply and knowing this, when they do come back in stock we find online gougers buying them up as quick as they can, causing an artificial shortage and so they can sell them for two to four times the normal cost.

This set of cards is pricey enough at $25.00, but to have to pay $50.00 or $75.00 or even more is just crazy. You can print your own cards from a free download, but then you have all that cutting and need to make sure they match exactly to any expansion packs you may want to add later. Honestly the whole thing is a mess and I believe it's hurting the marketing momentum that the this game had just a month ago.

Just Before Christmas 2012 the search engines were humming with excitement for Cards Against Humanity and just one month later, it's as if all of the excitement is over. Searches are less than 20% of what they were, and we think a good bit of that is attributed to the fact that the Cards Against Humanity people let us all down by only having a small supply available for the holiday. They did it "Again" and this time they ran out a week before Christmas. Here we are a month later and they are still out of stock, but don't worry you can get them from hawkers at Amazon and eBay for around $50.00 a set if you shop carefully.

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