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SigmaStorm2 - A Free Web Based MMORPG

Updated on July 4, 2014


SigmaStorm2 is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). In this futuristic game you battle fierce high tech creatures and other players to gain experience, credits, better gear and fame as you travel through the many locations.

All you need to play is an internet connection and a web browser. There are over 1,900,000 registered players in SigmaStorm 2 and all players are ranked daily so you can see how you match up against other gamers.

Warning: This game is addictive.

Features of the Game

Sigmastorm2 has many features to keep the game fun and interesting. Here are a few key ones...

  • No Ads - SigmaStorm 2 is free and doesn't fill up your browser with ads.
  • Intro Missions - The first few missions in Sigmastorm II are designed to get you up to speed quickly. They take place in non player vs player (PvP) areas so you can advance a few levels and earn some credits.
  • Auction Engine - You can buy or sell any item via the in game auction house called the Trade Hub. It includes a buy it now feature and the ability to search for items by category and/or level.
  • Missions - While moving through the game, you may encounter a mission giver who tasks you with a mission in exchange for unknown rewards.
  • Secure Trades - You can swap items or currency with any other player in the game.
  • Chat - You can send messages to any player in the game. If you are a member of a faction, there is also a faction chat feature to chat with all other members.
  • Factions - Your faction will gain experience as its members do. Faction experience and any credits contributed by members can be used to maintain structures that enhance the fighting statistics of all members. Factions can battle one another to control artifacts that also increase member stats and the faction's ranking.

In Game Currency

There are two currencies within the game: credits and Flux Crystals.

Credits are earned by attacking creatures or other players and stealing their credits if you are victorious. You can also earn credit by selling items in the Trade Hub and you get a small allowance hourly. Credits are used to buy and maintain items or faction structures.

Crystals are used to purchase upgrades to your character such as extra backpack slots, increase energy, etc. They can also be used to purchase items in the Trade Hub. crystals are obtained by selling items in the Trade Hub, selling credits directly to another player, purchasing for USD from the game, recruiting new players or participating in one of the Flux Crystal reward offers.

Sigma Storm 2 is...

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Top 5 Tips For New Players

  1. Build Up Your Attack and Damage Levels - You earn level points every time you gain enough experience to level up. Apply these points to your Attack and Damage characteristics. Those will help you the most. It's doubtful anyone will attack you early on (unless you make enemies easily) so don't spend them on Defense or Armor at this point.
  2. Join A Faction - There are many advantages to joining a faction in this game. You can get increases to your statistics, more experienced members may pass you their old items and you can start or join an attack group. Check out the Factions section of the Sigmastorm2 forums for more info on choosing a faction.
  3. Look for Bargains in the Trade Hub - You won't have many credits so shop around before spending it. You can click the Search Preferences link below the auction search field to limit your searching to specific levels of items.
  4. Attack Higher Level Players - You can attack any player within +/-5 of your level. What matters is your attack/damage stats against their defense/armor stats. You can steal more credits from a player that is a higher level than you.
  5. Bank Your Credits - Your credits are safe in the bank, but you can only deposit credits into your account once per day. Make a deposit once you get a big stash or before attacking a new creature. You get unlimited withdrawals so the credits will be available when you need them.

Have you tried SigmaStorm2? What do you think of it?

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    • profile image

      Tahamtan 7 years ago

      MMORPG is one of the best genres of games. I have not played SigmaStorm 2 yet. You can add it to my "Top MMORPG Games" lense and vote for it. Great Lense.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      No idea about the game but look rather interesting from the info here.

    • profile image

      grizcd 8 years ago

      Game play is interesting. But! I would not recommend upgrading your account. Content release is really slow. Most of the top 250 spend a large protion of their time sub-leveling. You can catch up with content as a new player in about 2 months. There is not much to spend your time doing when out of content at this time. Active player base is actually considerably lower than currently advertised. Game is fairly bug free, but lag is a killer on occasion. Game play is also very boring if you don't run one of the script avalible.