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Skyrim A New Order Quest

Updated on August 9, 2012

Skyrim A New Order

In Skyrim, a new order quest involves the hero trying to gather a group of heroes to come together against the new threat of Skyrim - the vampire lords. The hero must refuse Lord Harkon's plans to sire him and be cast out of Castle Volkihar for this part of the dawnguard quest to be initiated. Return to Isran at Fort Dawnguard and encounter several vampires trying to eliminate Isran and the dawnguards. Put down the vampires and Isran will order the hero to find Sorine Jurard and Gunmar. Sorine Jurard and Gunmar will then ask the hero to find a dwarven gyro. This will guide the hero on where to go to find Sorine Jurard and Gunmar, and then find a dwemer gyro and return to Isran for the next stage of the assault against the vampires.

Skyrim Find Sorine Jurard

Skyrim Find and Recruit Sorine Jurard
Skyrim Find and Recruit Sorine Jurard

Skyrim Find and Recruit Sorine Jurard

With the new Order quest so started, the hero must travel to the orc dwelling Mor Khazgur or the dragon-filled area Dragontooth Crater and then move from there to Sorine Jurard's location. The orc dwelling is safer and one can just travel southwards towards Sorine Jurard's location. Dragontooth crater is a dangerous place and at higher levels the hero can encounter two dragons which will descend to attack the hero. Be prepared to fight them and collect dragon souls, or be prepared to run towards Sorine Jurard's location (north from here).

Even at Sorine Jurard's location, beware of dragons. For this particular hero, a blood dragon descended to attack the hero here. With some mighty swipes of magical lightning and fire spells, the hero was able to produce disintegration of the blood dragon (and collect a dragon soul).

Skyrim Find A Dwemer Gyro

With no immediate threats in the surroundings, the hero can focus his attention on Sorine Jurard. Sorine Jurard is concerned she has lost her backpack and wants the hero to find the dwemer gyro within the backpack before becoming agreeable to report to Isran and join the New Order. Although Sorine Jurard goes on and on about mudcrabs, the backpack is in fact lying near a tree near Sorine Jurard's location away from mudcrabs.

Skyrim Find Gunmar

Skyrim Recruit Gunmar - the breeder of armored trolls at Fort Dawnguard
Skyrim Recruit Gunmar - the breeder of armored trolls at Fort Dawnguard

Skyrim Find and Recruit Gunmar

The next stage of forming the new order involves tracking down Gunmar near Ivarstead. Gunmar is found just outside Ivarstead and is busy hunting a cave bear. This cave bear is no match for the hero who can stealth and backstab. Enter the cavern and go into stealth mode. Now sneak up and backstab defeat one of the two cave bears. Allow Gunmar to come forwards and distract the other cave bear. Now move in to the back of this cave bear and put it down with another twist of daggers in the back.

Skyrim The New Order

Skyrim the New Order - the hero (werewolf), the vampire Serana and their pet frost armored troll.
Skyrim the New Order - the hero (werewolf), the vampire Serana and their pet frost armored troll.

Skyrim Report to and Follow Isran

Return to Fort Dawnguard and enter the fort. Isran will stand at a platform above the hero, Sorine Jurard and Gunmar. He will send forth a focused beam of sunlight to flush out any vampirism in the hero, Sorine Jurard and Gunmar. Following this, Sorine Jurard is sent forth to work on her new vampire crossbow construct. She can improve the hero's crossbow skills. Gunmar is sent forth to breed and train armored trolls. Armored trolls can be bought from Gunmar for 500 gold pieces. Once purchased, the armored troll will follow the hero around as a troll companion. Now head upstairs and follow Isran. Isran will lead the hero to ........ Serana!

After a conversation between the three, the New Order will finally be formed, and the group of heroes can head into the next quest.


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