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Skyrim Beyond Death Quest

Updated on July 5, 2012

Skyrim Beyond Death Quest

In Skyrim, the hero and Serana must travel into the Soul Cairn to find Valerica. This is the Beyond Death Quest. Beyond Death is aptly named because the Soul Cairn is the purgatory for lost souls. Valerica is also trapped in the Soul Cairn due to a trick of the Ideal Masters. Since Valerica is already a vampire and cannot die through aging, being trapped is simply "life" beyond death. This will guide the hero and Serana to find Valerica in the Soul Cairn and will provide tactics on how to find and defeat the Bonekeepers in the Soul Cairn to release Valerica from the trap.

Skyrim Find Valerica in the Soul Cairn

Valerica is trapped in the dark freakish looking castle far beyond the entrance of the Soul Cairn. To find her, simply follow the marker in the hero's HUD. This location corresponds to a place at the end of the path from the portal into this plane of Oblivion. Valerica will be found beyond the magical barrier or veil that separates the hero and Serana from her mother. The hero cannot go through the barrier just yet, but will be able to speak to Valerica.

Learn from Valerica about Harkon's plans for the "Tyranny of the Sun", and Serana's part in his plans. She wants the hero to lower the magical barrier by defeating the Boneyard Keepers in the Soul Cairn. Only then will she lead the hero to the Elder Scroll of Blood in the boneyard. Prepare to take on the boneyard keepers.

Skyrim Boneyard Keeper

Skyrim facing the Boneyard Keeper with the bow and arrows.
Skyrim facing the Boneyard Keeper with the bow and arrows.

Skyrim Defeat the Boneyard Keepers

The boneyard keepers are scattered in the three corners of the Soul Cairn. To find them, follow the markers in the hero's HUD. The walk to the bonekeepers will appear to be infinite and neverending, but if the hero does not err from the path, then he will find the Boneyard Keepers. There will be lots of monsters such as bonemen, mistmen and wrathmen on the way to the Boneyard Keepers. The hero can deviate from the path to defeat them but should always return to the path to the Boneyard Keepers.

The Boneyard Keepers will appear as gigantic knights in shining armor, except their heads are missing. They have been replaced by mist like substances. Anyhow, two of the Boneyard Keepers can still be defeated using vampire lord mode. Use life drain on the Boneyard Keepers to drain them of health points and transfer them to the hero. Do not allow the Boneyard Keepers to get too close, as their attacks are devastating indeed. If the Boneyard Keepers get too close, use the blood magic technique Vampiric Grip to flick them away from the hero. Repeat this process of attack and push on the Boneyard Keepers until they are defeated.

One of the Boneyard Keepers will be more difficult to defeat compared to the rest. This boneyard keeper will be at the top of a tower. The hero must enter a teleporter and be transported to the tower base. Climb to near the top of the tower and then hide behind the stairs and launch bow and arrow attacks at the Boneyard Keeper. The Boneyard Keeper will retaliate by launching arrow attacks at the hero. If the hero gets hit, retreat and use Healing to pump up the health again. Then repeat the attacks until the Boneyard Keeper is defeated. Activate the return teleporter to get back to the ground level of the Soul Cairn.

Once the three Boneyard Keepers are defeated, the magical barrier will collapse. Valerica will be freed and will lead the hero into the Boneyard.


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