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Skyrim Find the Elder Scroll of Blood

Updated on July 2, 2012

Skyrim Chasing Echoes Quest

Skyrim Find the Elder Scroll of Blood by finding Serana's mother in the Chasing Echoes Quest. Standing in the way is the Volkihar Courtyard Moondial Puzzle.
Skyrim Find the Elder Scroll of Blood by finding Serana's mother in the Chasing Echoes Quest. Standing in the way is the Volkihar Courtyard Moondial Puzzle.

Skyrim Find the Elder Scroll of Blood

In Skyrim Dawnguard, the hero must find two elder scrolls. The first one is the Elder Scroll of Blood. The Elder Scroll of Blood is rumored to be with Serana's mother Valerica. This is the Chasing Echoes Quest. The Elder Scroll of Blood is needed to unravel the next part of the prophecy. This will guide the hero on how to find the Elder Scroll of Blood, and will help the hero to navigate the dangers and monsters of castle volkihar courtyard, castle volkihar undercroft and castle volkihar ruins. The Volkihar Courtyard Moondial puzzle is also included.

Skyrim Speak to Serana About Her Mother

The hero needs to speak to Serana to find the elder scroll of blood. After going through several stems of conversation, the hero and Serana will decide that the best hiding place for Serana's mother is somewhere within Volkihar's Keep. Serana then mentions the courtyard and says that she will wait for the hero at the docks before moving as a party towards the courtyard.

Meet Serana at the docks and when facing the boat, turn right and make your way along the coastal path towards the secret entrance into Castle Volkihar's courtyard. Long forgotten and neglected, this area is now overrun with skeletons. Defeat these skeletons to arrive at the double doors of the Castle Volkihar secret entrance.

Skyrim Volkihar Undercroft

Go through the double doors and enter the Volkihar Undercroft. This area is filled with death hounds. Use a combination of magic, sneak and bow attack and normal melee attacks to dispatch these pesky foes. Eventually the hero will have to turn left to see a death hound and a feral vampire. Defeat them and search for a lever in this area. Pull the lever to activate a bridge which will end up in two paths - one leading to the right and one leading to the left. A skeletal mage will emerge from the right side to attack the hero. Defeat this mage, and go down the left path. The left path will take the hero to a watery grave area filled with lots of death hounds (and inanimate skeletons). Defeat them and go up the platform and turn left. This is an area filled with spider webs. Slash through the spider webs and defeat the giant frost spider. Pull the lever here and a second bridge will connect to the first bridge. This second bridge will lead the hero into the Volkihar courtyard.

Note that if the hero falls into the icy water beneath the bridges, it is possible to find a path that will lead back to the right hand side of the (first) bridge.

Skyrim Volkihar Courtyard Moondial Puzzle

The Volkihar Courtyard lies in disarray, apparently unattended for years. Here the hero must find the three moon crests in the courtyard and fix them to the moondial on the ground to activate this and reveal the entrance to the Volkihar Ruins.

  • The first moon crest is the fullmoon crest. It can be found in the garden on the right.
  • The second moon crest is the half moon crest. It can be found north up the two flights of stairs and to the right.
  • The third moon crest is on the left side of the courtyard, submerged in the waters.

Place the moon crests into the ground on the moondial, and the moondial will move, revealing stairs leading to the Volkihar Ruins.

Skyrim Dungeon Crawl through Volkihar Ruins

To move fast past the Volkihar Ruins to the final chamber within the ruins, it is best to assume vampire lord form and then use a dungeon crawl or a dungeon bash approach to get through the Volkilhar Ruins. This place is overrun with skeletons and gargoyles. The skeletons are not hard to defeat, and the gargoyles are not too difficult to put down on a two on one (Serana and the hero versus one gargoyle) situation. Note that the hero must pull on a chain above a gargoyle to unlock a secret door at some point and proceed on through to the Volkihar Ruins.

So bash through these monsters and get through the Volkihar Ruins right to the final room. This final room is easily recognizable because it has several stone statues and a fireplace in it. Here the hero and Serana will simply see the stone statues and no further way through beyond the room. This is the most difficult part of the Volkihar Ruins area. The stone in the statues starts cracking and the hero and Serana must prepare for a massive fight.


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