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Skyrim Complete Ice Form Dragon Shout

Updated on December 11, 2011

Skyrim the Pale Blade

Skyrim Getting the Pale Blade and Complete the Ice Form Dragon Shout
Skyrim Getting the Pale Blade and Complete the Ice Form Dragon Shout

Skyrim Complete Ice Form Dragon Shout

In Skyrim, the ice form dragon shout is important against powerful foes, where the hero's ice form dragon shout can literally freeze an enemy and allow him ample time to heal and attack again. Hence completing the ice form dragon shout can allow the hero to lengthen the time and damage of the ice form dragon shout, and allow more time to heal and attack. The complete ice form dragon shout (Ice, Flesh, Statue) is quite useful to have for skyrim adventuring. This will guide the hero to complete the ice form dragon shout by making his way to Mount Anthor and then Frostmere Crypt. The Frostmere Crypt also contains the Pale Blade, one of the best secret one handed sword of the skyrim world.

Skyrim Get to Mount Anthor and Frostmere Crypt

In Skyrim, the hero is likely to have gone to the Saarthal excavation site in the joining the College of Winterhold quest. This is the first site for the ice form word of power. The other two locations for the ice form words of power are the Frostmere Crypt and Mount Anthor.

In Skyrim, to get to Mount Anthor, first head to the lift leading out of Alftland, and then head northeast in the direction of Saarthal excavation site and then follow the snowy path southeast until a lowish valley containing the wall with the ice form word of power is found. Of course, the first time the hero reaches this place, the tell-tale sign of the dragon (likely a frost dragon) flying about in this place will also mark the location of Mount Anthor. Defeat the dragon, and obtain the second ice form word of power.

In Skyrim, the final location of the third ice form word of power lies in the Frostmere Crypt. The Frostmere Crypt is located southwest of Windward Ruins, and this is located southwest of Dawnstar. The Frostmere Crypt is a dangerous place, and further help is provided to guide the hero in defeating all the monsters here including the Pale Lady. The Frostmere Crypt is also the location of the Pale sword as mentioned above.

Skyrim Frostmere Crypt Defeating the Pale Lady

In Skyrim, after entering Frostmere Crypt, the main enemies are bandits which can be easily taken care of with sneak attacks. Within the Frostmere Crypt, the key here is patience and eliminate one bandit at a time. The hero must head towards and find a lever in which to activate. The lever, once activated, will cause a wooden bridge to fall down and pave the way for the hero to descend some stairs and through more Frostmere Crypt tunnels to reach the Frostmere Depths.

In Skyrim Frostmere Depths, the Pale Lady awaits. The Pale Lady is being attacked by another adventurer when the hero enters Frostmere Depths. Allow the adventurer to chip away at the Pale Lady's health. Then use Call of Valor and summon one of the three heroes to help the hero. Stand back and launch destructive dual magic spells at the Pale Lady and she will be defeated. The Pale Lady is able to summon wisps. These are annoying creatures with super speed and difficult to target. Ignore the wisps and use all your resources to target and defeat the Pale Lady.

Once the Pale Lady is defeated, go forth and claim the hero's rewards, which are -

  • the Pale Blade
  • the Ice Form Word of Power


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