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Skyrim Complete Frost Breath Dragon Shout

Updated on December 11, 2011

Skyrim Complete Frost Breath Dragon Shout

In Skyrim, the hero should complete the frost breath dragon shout in order to equip oneself with more dragon shouts for fire-resistant monsters in skyrim. This will guide the hero in finding the final frost breath word of power in Bonestrewn Cave to complete the frost breath dragon shout. This will also explore the dungeon locations near Bonestrewn Cave to complete one or two associated nearby quests when trying to find the final frost breath dragon shout.

Skyrim Get to Bonestrewn Cave

In Skyrim, the hero is likely to have found the first two frost breath words of power at Skyborn Altar and Folgunthur Cave. These two locations are associated with some fairly well known side quests and powerful weapons and amulets. However, the location of the final frost breath word of power is not well known. The final frost breath word of power is located at Bonestrewn Cave. To get to Bonestrewn cave, first get to Windhelm, and then travel south following the dragon sign on the compass. This dragon sign south of Windhelm will be the location of Bonestrewn cave.

Skyrim Defeating the Frost Dragon at Bonestrewn Cave

In Skyrim, a frost dragon resides at Bonestrewn Cave. The defeating of any dragon should be fairly routine for the high level hero now. Wait for the frost dragon to land, avoid its attacks and then use dual destruction magic spells to reduce its health. Use slow time dragon shout to get in as many attacks as possible within the slowed time period. The dragon will lift off. Wait for it to land and repeat the process. After defeating the frost dragon, go to the wall and learn the final frost breath dragon shout, Frost.

Skyrim Nettlebane

Skyrim Nettlebane - for Eldergleam Sanctuary Quest located near Frost Breath Word of Power at Bonestrewn Cave
Skyrim Nettlebane - for Eldergleam Sanctuary Quest located near Frost Breath Word of Power at Bonestrewn Cave

Skyrim Eldergleam Sanctuary Near Bonestrewn Cave

In Skyrim, the Bonestrewn Cave is near the Eldergleam Sanctuary. The Eldergleam Sanctuary houses the Eldergleam Tree. This is an opportunity to finish the Blessings of Nature quest, started in Whiterun Temple of Kynareth by talking to Danica Pure-Spring. Danica Pure-Spring will ask the hero to retrieve the Nettlebane from the Hagraven at Orphan Rock.

In Skyrim, Orphan Rock is just to the east of Helgen. The hero should fast travel to Helgen and then travel east to get to Orphan Rock. Be prepared, because Orphan Rock is full of hags ready to throw fireballs and lightning bolts at the hero. The hero should just use fire against fire, or lightning against lightning and use dual destruction magic spells to eliminate the hags. Remember to heal up if health is low as this mage battle will be intense. Next climb up the rock that is Orphan Rock and climb across the log to face the Hagraven (use the compass to help you). Use Slow Time to put in as many attacks as possible on the Hagraven and do not let the Hagraven use her own fire attacks on the hero. After defeating the Hagraven, pick up the Nettlebane and return to Danica. The Nettlebane is an excellent dagger in the offhand if the hero wishes to use Mehrunes' Razor in the main hand. In the hands of Aela the Hunter, the Nettlebane is an excellent backstabber for her to take down enemies instantly.

In Skyrim, Danica will instruct the hero to go to the Eldergleam Sanctuary and use the Nettlebane to allow the Eldergleam Tree to remove its roots. This will allow the hero to travel to the center of the Tree and the hero can collect the Eldergleam Sap. Several spriggans will jump up to attack the hero. Eliminate them and return to Danica with the Eldergleam Sap. Give the Eldergleam sap to Danica and the Gildergreen will be restored. Now Danica will be able to train the hero in restoration magic.

Skyrim Complete Other Dragon Shouts


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