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Skyrim Find Varona

Updated on December 15, 2012

Skyrim Find Varona

Skyrim Find Varona for Neloth in the reluctant steward quest, and then find him a new steward.
Skyrim Find Varona for Neloth in the reluctant steward quest, and then find him a new steward.

In Skyrim, the hero has been tasked by the wizard Neloth to find Varona, her reluctant steward. This is the reluctant steward quest. This will guide the hero on how to find Varona and complete the reluctant steward quest by finding Neloth a new steward.

Speak to Ulves Romoran in Tel Mithryn

First speak to Neloth to get this quest. Next, look around in Tel Mithryn. Tel Mithryn is not just about Neloth. There are other people living in the mushroom shaped houses too. Pop into one of the mushroom houses and look for Ulves Romoran. Ulves Romoran appears to be the cook for Tel Mithryn. When asked about Varona, he will point out that Neloth's tea will have to wait, because Varona has gone to Raven Rock to get some supplies. After this, a marker will appear on the map indicating Varona's location. This marker is somewhere to the northwest of Tel Mithryn. So head there.

Skyrim Find Varona

From Tel Mithryn, head northwest towards the marker. The hero will know that he is on the right track when he finds Revus Sarvani, a silt strider specialist on the way to finding Varona. Speak to him for a historical note on the silt strider. Note that Revus Sarvani sells some lockpicks if the hero is running short on these.

Continue heading north north west. Sneak into the location designated by the marker because there are some ash spawns in that area. Launch a few arrow attacks on them before they become fully aware of the hero and Serana. There will be about four ash spawns there, and these monsters will make formidable opponents if they gang up on the hero. So run away when overwhelmed and then sneak back in and take them out one at a time. When the fight is over, return to the marker on the map, and note that Varona is dead.

Return to Tel Mithryn and report to Neloth. Neloth will demand that the hero find him a new steward.

Skyrim Find A New Steward for Neloth

To find a new steward for Neloth, head to Raven Rock. Initially, when the hero asks around, no one wants to be the new steward for Neloth. Go to the Retching Netch and find Drovas Relvi. Drovas Relvi will jump at the chance to be the new steward for Neloth. Drovas Relvi heads off to Tel Mithryn without even packing his bag.

Now, return to Neloth and report to him. As expected, Neloth complains about the abilities of his new steward. Neloth accepts that this new steward is better than no steward and rewards the hero with some gold and the use of Neloth's staff enchanter.

Neloth's staff enchanter allows some staffs to be made. Simply purchase an unenchanted staff from Neloth, get some heart stones and then use the staff enchanter to create some new staffs.


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