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Skyrim Finding Bleak Falls Barrow

Updated on December 26, 2011

Skyrim Finding Bleak Falls Barrow

Skyrim Using the Compass to Find Bleak Falls Barrow
Skyrim Using the Compass to Find Bleak Falls Barrow

Skyrim Fnding Bleak Falls Barrow

In Skyrim, the hero is tasked with retrieving the dragonstone from the temple at Bleak Falls Barrow. The hero is given this quest after seeing the Jarl of Whiterun and informing him of the dragon attack at Helgen. This will guide the hero in finding the Bleak Falls Barrow, and then exploring the Bleak Falls Barrow up to defeating the giant frostbite spider.

Skyrim Location of Bleak Falls Barrow

In Skyrim, to find Bleak Falls Barrow, the hero should open up the journal and make this the main quest, if this has not already been done. Next open up the map by pressing the M button, and note the location of the Bleak Falls Barrow somewhere to the south of Whiterun. Now head out of Whiterun, and face the hero so that the location of the Bleak Falls Barrow is in the center of the compass at the top of the screen. Now follow this location on the compass and move forwards. The hero should be moving towards a snowy beaten track up the mountains. Follow this track until the hero reaches a tower with three or so bandits inside. To the right of this tower are the stairs and entrance into Bleak Falls Barrow. The hero will encounter lots of bandits here. These are easy enemies for the hero to practice the combat mechanics of Skyrim, and to level up easily.

Skyrim Bleak Falls Barrow Puzzle Room

In Skyrim, once the hero enters the Bleak Falls Barrow Temple, he should have no problems in reaching the Bleak Falls Barrow Puzzle Room. There are just some bandits standing in the way. These can be dealt with easily. Just outside the puzzle room, notice a bandit being arrowed down by pushing a lever. The bandit is not a seasoned adventurer. He has failed to notice a series of pillars on the left of the room which will display a snake, eagle or fish emblem. The correct combination is provided within clues in the room, if the hero looks properly. The correct combination for the Skyrim Bleak Falls Barrow puzzle room is (left to right) snake, snake and fish.

Skyrim Bleak Falls Barrow Puzzle Room Solution

Skyrim Bleak Falls Barrow Puzzle Solution
Skyrim Bleak Falls Barrow Puzzle Solution

Skyrim and Other RPGs

Skyrim Bleak Falls Barrow Finding the Golden Claw

In Skyrim, the next task of the hero within the Bleak Falls Barrow is to find the golden claw. This is present on the thief who has been webbed into a cocoon by the frostvenom spider in this room. This is the miniboss fight in the Bleak Falls Barrow. To defeat the giant frost venom spider easily, simply arm the hero with bow and arrows, and position the hero just outside the room. Now head in and unleash arrows at the spider. Run out of the room. The spider will advance but cannot reach the hero. This helps to conserve the hero's health. Repeat this process, or combine it with some tradition melee attacks or destructive magical fire or spark attacks and the giant frost venom spider will be defeated.

Cut the thief down from the web, and he will run off. Chase him down and then defeat him to obtain the golden claw. Now the hero must venture into the lower reaches of Bleak Falls Barrow and obtain the dragonstone.

Skyrim Defeating the Frostbite Spider and Obtaining the Golden Claw


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