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Skyrim Getting the Dragonstone

Updated on February 25, 2012

Skyrim Getting the Dragonstone

In Skyrim, the hero must go deeper into Bleak Falls Barrow to get the dragonstone. This will guide the hero in venturing further underground, heading into the Bleak Falls Sanctum, unlocking the Golden Claw Puzzle, defeating the restless draugr and then defeating the draugr overlord in getting the dragonstone.

Skyrim Defeating the Draugr Overlord and Getting the Dragonstone

Skyrim Defeating the Draugr Overlord Using Flames and Getting the Dragonstone
Skyrim Defeating the Draugr Overlord Using Flames and Getting the Dragonstone

Skyrim Tactics to Defeat the Draugr

In Skyrim, once the hero has defeated the frostbite spider, he must enter further underground into the burial grounds to use the golden claw. This underground area of the Bleak Falls Barrow is just full of draugr. Draugrs are the Ancient cannibalistic Nords cursed to roam the lands for eternity as undead skeletal remains. However, despite their poor exterior looks, these draugrs can be formidable fighters, especially with their Ancient Nord Swords, Bows and Battle Axes. There are the standard draugrs and then there are the restless draugrs. These restless draugrs are superior compared to standard draugrs in that they can cast frost spells, and deal more damage. To defeat the standard draugr is simple, but to defeat the restless draugr requires tactics.

In Skyrim, to defeat the restless draugr, the brave hero can either use standard melee moves, including moving left and right or blocking to avoid the restless draugr's attacks, and then moving in to attack with the weapon of choice of the hero. On a successful block and counterattack, the hero can take down the restless draugr in one hit. However, this can be hazardous as the block does take away some of the hero's health points. In addition, the restless draugr can cast the frost spell which will damage the hero significantly, and slow the hero down.

In skyrim, to defeat the restless draugr, the more tactical hero may choose to use the hit and run tactics. Essentially, this means hitting the restless draugr with some standard melee attacks or spam flame spell attack, and then running away. The restless draugr, despite the name, fails to keep up with the fleetly hero and falls behind. Take this opportunity to heal up using the magical spell Heal (an ideal way to level up on Restoration) or the potions of Heal. Now head back and repeat the hit and run process until the restless draugrs are defeated. Note that there are several traps within this skyrim underground burial grounds, which the hero can lure the draugrs into and watch them get destroyed by the traps (especially the swinging blades).

Skyrim the Golden Claw Puzzle

In Skyrim, the Golden Claw Puzzle is finally reached after defeating countless draugrs. The Golden Claw Puzzle is really quite easy. Look into the hero's inventory and find the golden claw. Now look at the golden claw and the solution to the golden claw puzzle is revealed - bear on top, moth in center and owl at the bottom. The door will then open and the hero can head into Bleak Falls Sanctum.

Skyrim Golden Claw Puzzle Solution

Skyrim Golden Claw Puzzle Solution
Skyrim Golden Claw Puzzle Solution

Skyrim Defeating the Draugr Overlord

In Skyrim, within the Bleak Falls Sanctum, the hero will encounter yet another restless draugr. When the hero defeats this restless draugr, he is within reach of the draugr overlord. This draugr overlord is awakened from his sleep after the hero stares at the wall which will grant the hero the first Word of Power - Force - Unrelenting Force. Turn around and notice a sarcophagus. It will open the draugr overlord will step out.

The dragonstone is on the draugr overlord. Needless to say, the hero must defeat the draugr overlord to get the dragonstone. To defeat the draugr overlord, if the hero is a mage, just cast flame spell at the highest perk possible on the draugr overlord. The draugr overlord's health will drop quite fast indeed. If the hero is not a mage, then the hit and run tactics above is quite ideal, because the final chamber is enormous and the draugr overlord will not run past certain areas of the chamber. So heal up and return to hit the draugr overlord until he is defeated. Not only will the hero get the dragonstone, he will also obtain the Ancient Nord War Axe of Gold.

Now head out of this area (remember to pillage the area of all treasures) by ascending some stairs to the left of the sarcophagus. Push a lever to cause a wall to open and for the hero to reach Skyrim again. Now switch to map view and fast travel to Whiterun and the Jarl.

Congratulations! The first official quest in the hero's Skyrim career has been completed!

Next up, tracking and then defeating the first Skyrim dragon.


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