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Skyrim Forsaken Cave

Updated on December 6, 2011

Skyrim Forsaken Cave Quests and Challenges

In Skyrim, the hero can venture into the Forsaken Cave for many reasons.The Forsaken Cave can contain Shalidor's Writings.The forsaken cave also contains the marked for death word of power, needed to complete the marked for death dragon shout (kill, leech, suffer). The forsaken cave is also the location to retrieve the White Phial. Finally, the Forsaken Cave contains the mighty draugr boss, Curalmil, which can prove a challenge for any hero. This will guide the hero in achieving the above objectives in the Forsaken Cave,

Skyrim Forsaken Cave Location

Skyrim Forsaken Cave
Skyrim Forsaken Cave

Skyrim Get to Forsaken Cave

In Skyrim, to get to Forsaken Cave, one should fast travel to the great lift at Alftand which allows the hero to travel from Blackreach. From the great lift at Alftand, travel southeast until the hero reaches Forsaken Cave. Once inside the route to the treasures of Forsaken Cave is quite easy to reach, apart from all the monsters in between the entrance of Forsaken Cave and the exit.

Skyrim Monsters of the Forsaken Cave

In Skyrim, there are some brown bears and snow bears guarding the entrance inside and outside the Forsaken Cave. It may be quite tough for low level characters to eliminate the bears, so bring along a follower.

In Skyrim Forsaken Cave, the hero will encounter draugrs after draugrs after draugrs. The most challenging draugr minions will be the draugr scourge. The hero can use a variety of tecnhiques to defeat the draugrs including sneak attacks, dual destruction magic spells, dual wielding of one-handed weapons, destructive two handed weapons, etc. If the hero has the staff of madness, it could be used in this instance to even out the odds, by turning the draugrs into chicken and producing other random effects.

Skyrim Defeating Curalmil in Forsaken Cave

In Skyrim Forsaken Cave, the draugr boss is Curalmil. Curalmil is formidable and possesses a dragon shout which can knock the hero back and the hero takes time to climb to his feet. During this process, Curalmil will move in rapidly and hack the hero to pieces with his honed ancient battle axe. Do not approach anywhere close to Curalmil. Instead, use the slow time dragon shout and then use ranged attacks of dual destruction magic to repeatedly attack Curalmil within the period of time slowing down. When the slow time effect wears off, spot a corridor alcove in the centre of the chamber just past Curalmil's sarcophagus. Run for this corridor alcove and go into sneak mode. Curalmil should not be able to find the hero. When the slow time dragon shout is available again, repeat the process above, and Curalmil will be defeated.

The corridor alcove past Curalmil's sarcophagus is also the location to place Nurelion's mixtures into a mixing bowl which can be found near the end of the corridor. When Nurelion's mixtures is place here, a wall will move aside, allowing the hero access into a room to retrieve the white phial.

Skyrim Forsaken Cave Treasures

In Skyrim, after defeating the draugr boss of Forsaken Cave, the hero can claim the treasures of Forsaken Cave somewhere within or near the main chamber of the Forsaken Cave. The treasures of Forsaken Cave include -

  • Shalidor's Writings
  • the White Phial
  • the Marked for Death Word of Power
  • a book to increase the hero's block skill
  • chests containing random treasures, including a high level chest containing higher level treasures


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