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Skyrim Hag's End Slow Time Word of Power

Updated on November 30, 2011

Skyrim Hag's End Defeat Hagraven

Skyrim Hag's End Defeating the Hagraven. The hero can actually use the Slow Time Dragon Shout here. The red dragon Odahviing is seen on the right.
Skyrim Hag's End Defeating the Hagraven. The hero can actually use the Slow Time Dragon Shout here. The red dragon Odahviing is seen on the right.

Skyrim Hag's End Slow Time Word of Power

In Skyrim, the hero should travel to Hag's End to get the slow time word of power and complete the slow time dragon shout. This will guide the hero in getting to Hag's End and then navigating the monsters inside Hag's End, Deepwood Vale and Deepwood Redoubt to get the slow time word of power. Tactics will be provided to get pass and then defeat the Hagraven within Hag's End so that the hero can get the slow time word of power Dragon Shout.

Skyrim Slow Time Word of Power Locations

In Skyrim, the slow time word of power will allow the hero to complete the slow time dragon shout. Having the slow time dragon shout completed will help the hero greatly especially if the hero needs the health or magicka to recharge after taking some vicious beating from the skyrim beasts. This is especially important in the skuldafn part of the skyrim main quest.

The slow time word of powers consists of Time, Sand and Eternity. Most likely, the hero would have obtained the location of the first slow time word of power Time from the Labyrinthian in the becoming the archmage of Winterhold quest. The other two locations of the slow time words of power are Hag's End and Korvanjund. This will primarily deal with Hag's End dungeon crawl.

Skyrim Get to Hag's End

Skyrim Get to Hag's End
Skyrim Get to Hag's End

Skyrim Get to Hag's End and Deepwood Redoubt

In Skyrim, to get to Hag's End, the hero must first get to Solitude, and then travel southwest to reach Katla's farm. From Katla's farm, head for Dragon Bridge and then travel north and then west along a valley between two rows of snowy mountain peaks to reach the fortress base known as Deepwood Redoubt. This place is swarming with Forsworn. The hero will encounter at least two Forsworn on route to the entrance to Deepwood Redoubt. Either defeat them, or just run to the entrance and enter Deepwood Redoubt.

In Skyrim Deepwood Redoubt, from the entrance go up the stairs and then spot two Forsworn in the chamber ahead. If the hero is high enough level, he can sneak attack and take out one of the Forsworn so fast, that the other Forsworn may not even have the time to detect the hero. In this case, just sneak attack the other Forsworn too. From here, the key is to reach a Forsworn in a room with a bed (the Forsworn may be getting into bed). Finish off the Forsworn here, and and get the key to unlock an iron door that will eventually lead to a bridge with steel bars on either side. Defeat more Forsworn here and proceed to defeat another Forsworn Looter in the other room. Emerge from Deepwood Redoubt into Deepwood Vale.

Skyrim Defeating Hag's End Hagraven and Getting the Slow Time Word of Power

In Skyrim Deepwood Vale, there are even more Forsworn. So much so that the hero should just make a run for the entrance to Hag's End. From the exit of Deepwood Redoubt, cross the bridge and use the compass to pinpoint and run for the location of Hag's End. If the hero is in a fighting mode, he may want to call Odahviing the red dragon to help him out here.

Now find the Hag's End entrance and enter. Things get really interesting here. The hero will engage in two or three fights with the Hag's End Hagraven and two other witches. The witches can be defeated quite easily with destruction dual magic spells. However, the Hagraven will keep disappearing after her health is reduced significantly. This is in keeping with the Slow Time Dragon Shout philosophy. The hero just cannot end the Hagraven.

In Skyrim Hag's End, after about the second or third fight, the hero will reach the Wall containing the Slow Time Word of Power. Learn this slow time word of power, and then head outside to defeat the Hagraven. The Hagraven is perched at the outside of the courtyard, and will keep hurling firebolts or fireballs at the hero. The hero should just stand behind one of the pillars just in front of the Hagraven to avoid the fire based ranged attacks. Next the hero can once more call on Odahviing, and then launch his own fireballs (or bow and arrows) at the Hagraven. With careful maneuvering and counterattacks, the Hagraven will be defeated!

Now obtain the Hag's End Key from the Hagraven and use it to unlock the gates leading to the treasures with Hag's End. With the Slow Time Word of Power and the Hag's End treasures in his pockets, the hero can now fast travel to other parts of Skyrim to test the Slow Time Dragon Shout.

Skyrim Hag's End


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