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Skyrim Get Ghostblade

Updated on December 12, 2011

Skyrim Get Ghostblade

In Skyrim, the Ghostblade is one of those one handed weapons that can bypass armor. The Skyrim Ghostblade does 3 points of damage that bypasses armor (hence the name Ghostblade), and along with the "normal" damage that it does, can be a very effective weapon for backstabbing (for those characters that love to sneak around a lot) or sneak attacks. This will guide the hero to get the ghostblade and will include gettting to the Ansilvund excavation, solving the Ansilvund excavation puzzle, getting the Ansilvund key and defeating the draugrs and Lu'ah Al-Skaven.

Skyrim Where to Find the Ghostblade

In Skyrim, the question is where to find the ghostblade. The Ghostblade can be found in Ansilvund excavation. The Ansilvund excavation can be a bit hard for low level characters, but is an excellent place to stealth and sneak attack through, except for the last part where it is recommended the hero simply blasts his way through with dual destruction magic. To get to the Ansilvund excavation, simply head north from Riften towards Shor's Stone. From Shor's Stone, head northeast until a series of stone archways are found. Walk (or sneak) through those archways until the hero finds the entrance into Ansilvund excavation.

Skyrim Ghostblade

Skyrim Ghostblade
Skyrim Ghostblade

Skyrim Obstacles and Puzzles in Ansilvund Blocking the Way to the Ghostblade

In Skyrim, there are several obstacles in Ansilvund blocking the way to retrieving the Ghostblade. First are the monsters in Ansilvund which include mages and countless draugrs (and including several draugr scourges). Mages are easily dealt with by using sneak attacks. For the draugr scourges, it is recommended the hero uses dual destruction magic or the most damage intensive fighting style he can find.

In Skyrim Ansilvund, apart from monsters, a few other obstacles stand between the hero and the ghostblade. The first is the Ansilvund Excavation Puzzle. This is solved by looking for the symbols under each symbol in the wall below it (hidden by weeds). The correct combination (from left to right facing the Ansilvund Excavation Puzzle) is Eagle, Snake, Fish and Snake.

The second obstacle is to find the Ansilvund key lying on a pedestal with lots of coffins in front of it. Taking the Ansilvund key will trigger off lots of draugrs rising from the coffins. Go into sneak mode and sneak past them. After a while, fighting off draugr after draugr can become boring. Find a path up to the upper level of this chamber that contains the Ansilvund key. Cross the narrow bridge in the upper levels of this chamber and be prepared for a draugr scourge that will appear. Try to finish off this draugr scourge before advancing, as the next chamber holds a mage and more draugrs. Finish them off and eventually the hero will reach the final chamber of the Ansilvund excavation.

Finally, the excavation site operator Lu'ah Al-Skaven will attack the hero in the final chamber of the Ansilvund Burial Chambers, and attempt to prevent the hero from getting the Ghostblade.

Skyrim Defeating Lu'ah Al-Skaven and Getting the Ghostblade

In Skyrim, Lu'ah Al-Skaven mutters something before attacking the hero. One of the tactics for defeating Lu'ah Al-Skaven is to round to her back whilst she is talking and then backstab her. A more direct tactic is just to use the most destructive dual magic spells and launch those spells at her again and again until she is defeated. Always remember to use slow time or more offensive dragon shouts to help the hero. When Lu'ah Al-Skaven attacks, she will also summon Fjori and Holgeir to help her. Do not waste time on Lu'ah Al-Skaven's minions. Concentrate your attacks on Lu'ah Al-Skaven. When Lu'ah Al-Skaven is defeated, her minions will also be defeated.

With the defeat of Lu'ah Al-Skaven, head to the altar and speak to the ghostly apparitions of Holgeir and Fjori. They will grant the hero the Ghostblade.


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