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Skyrim Get Vampire Lord Skill Tree

Updated on January 2, 2015

Skyrim Get Vampire Lord Skill Tree by Completing Bloodline Quest

In Skyrim, the hero can get the vampire lord skill tree by completing the Bloodline quest. The Bloodline quest comes after freeing the female vampire from her prison. The hero must then lead the vampire Serana and his other follower out of the Dimhollow Cavern past undead and animate monsters. This will guide the hero as he attempts to bring Serana back to her home near Solitude and provide tactics in defeating the monsters along the way.

Skyrim Get Out of Dimhollow Cavern

The story of the hero's ascension into high vampire lordship continues as he and his followers battle their way out of Dimhollow Cavern.

First the party has to confront two gargoyles. For the low level archer hero with the initial follower Lydia and now the vampire Serana, use Lydia to tank the two gargoyles and start shooting arrows from the back. Serana will use her health drain ability to attack the gargoyles and draw health from the enemies on the flanks. Concentrate on one gargoyle and preferably the one that Lydia is attacking. If Lydia goes down, then these tactics will go to waste. Now one gargoyle will be defeated with these tactics. However, Lydia will inevitably go down with the second gargoyle. And then Serana will follow. The low level hero may not last long alone against the second gargoyle. The key is to jump into the water around the cylindrical structure in the center of Dimhollow Cavern. Get away from the second gargoyle this way by swimming away from the gargoyle. This will allow the hero some time to heal up. Then climb onto dry land and lure the second gargoyle away from the followers so that they have time to recover and then resume their attack on the second gargoyle. When moving in on the second gargoyle from far, use sneak and bow attack on the gargoyle for maximal damage. If the hero's health is low again from damage, jump into the water and repeat this tactic. Eventually, the two gargoyles will be defeated and the party can move on.

Find a path bordered with small rock towers and climb up the slope. Then enter a large cavern and defeat some skeletons and draugrs. Another large cavern beckons after this fight and the hero will see the back of a throne hiding more skeletons and draugrs. Defeat them and move on towards a door on the far end. As the hero nears the door, a draugr overlord will attack. This enemy should not be a match for the hero's party of three. Open the final gate and head out into Skyrim.

Skyrim Get to Icewater Jetty and Castle Volkihar

To lead Serana back to her home, the hero must get to Icewater Jetty and then ride a boat to Castle Volkihar. To find Icewater Jetty, the hero must go to Solitude. The easiest way to do this is to head to Whiterun and hire a wagon carriage to get to Solitude.

From the gates of Solitude, take the path southwest until it branches. Then head up the path that leads northeast. The hero will eventually reach the Thalmor Embassy. Instead of going in, head west for a long way until the lost echo cave is reached. At this point, the hero may want to climb the small mountain north and then gingerly climb down on the other side onto the coastal beach area. Now look at the map and head west until the Northwatch Keep is reached. From there, it is a short distance to the Icewater Jetty. Board the boat and go to Castle Volkihar.

At Castle Volkihar, Serana will take over the lead and introduce the hero to her father Lord Harkon. Lord Harkon thanks the hero for rescuing Serana (and the elder scroll) and then offers a rare reward to the hero -

  • accept the gift of vampirism and become a vampire lord, or
  • reject vampirisim

Skyrim Get Vampire Lord Skill Tree

Skyrim Get Vampire Lord Skill Tree
Skyrim Get Vampire Lord Skill Tree

Skyrim Vampire Skill Tree Perks

Skyrim Vampire Skill Tree Perks starts with Power of the Grave.
Skyrim Vampire Skill Tree Perks starts with Power of the Grave.

Skyrim Get Vampire Lord Skill Tree

If the hero accepts Harkon's gift, then he will lose consciousness...... temporarily. And wake up to become a vampire lord.

The hero will have contracted the vampirisim disease and will have the usual vampire weaknesses associated with this. However, the hero will also get the all powerful vampire lord skill tree -

  • Power of the Grave - adds 50 point bonus to health, magicka and stamina. Power of the Grave leads to three other branches.
  • Detect All Creatures - this night power detects all creatures, including dwarven automatons.
  • Mist Form - this night power allows transformation of the vampire lord into an invulnerable mist. In this form, the vampire lord's health, magicka and stamina regenerates.
  • Supernatural Reflexes - this night power allows the vampire to move so fast that everything else slows down. These three night powers form one branch of the vampire lord skill tree.
  • Blood Healing - the vampire lord's power attack bite restores all his health.
  • Unearthly Will - the vampire lord's blood magic and night powers cost one third less to cast.
  • Poison Talons - the vampire lord's melee attacks do an additional 20 points of poison damage.
  • Night Cloak - the vampire lord is surrounded by a cloud of bats that feed on enemies attempting to defeat the vampire lord in melee combat. These four melee abilities form one branch of the vampire lord skill tree.
  • Vampiric Grip - this blood magic ability allows the vampire lord to force pull an enemy to him and then force choke the enemy.
  • Summon Gargoyle - this blood magic ability allows the vampire lord to summon a gargoyle.
  • Corpse Curse - this powerful blood magic holds the enemy paralyzed. These three blood magic abilities form one branch of the vampire lord skill tree.

Accumulate points by defeating enemies with drain life or bite power attack. Points so accumulated will add up to a vampire perk eventually. The hero vampire lord can get each and every perk in the vampire lord skill tree as he sees fit, and ascend to become the most powerful vampire lord in Skyrim.

Next, becoming a vampire lord means serving Lord Harkon.

Also, how to augment the vampire lord's powers using the amulets and the rings of blood magic.


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