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Skyrim Jagged Crown Quest

Updated on November 30, 2011

Skyrim Korvanjund Crypt Draugr Fight

Skyrim Using Complete Slow Time Dragon Shout in Korvanjund Crypt Draugr Fight (Draugr Deathlord wearing the Jagged Crown at the back)
Skyrim Using Complete Slow Time Dragon Shout in Korvanjund Crypt Draugr Fight (Draugr Deathlord wearing the Jagged Crown at the back)

Skyrim Jagged Crown Quest

In Skyrim, the hero embarks on the Jagged Crown quest. The jagged crown quest, given by Galmar Stone-Fist after joining the Stormcloaks, allows the hero to enter the Korvanjund temple, Korvanjund halls and Korvanjund crypt to get the Jagged Crown. The hero will also get the slow time word of power from the wall in Korvanjund crypt. This will guide the hero in finding the lever switch to open the gate to enter Korvanjund crypt and in defeating the draugr deathlord in Korvanjund crypt to achieve the above objectives.

Skyrim Enter Korvanjund Temple

In Skyrim, the hero must meet with Galmar Stone-fist outside Korvanjund Temple. Galmar Stone-fist will lead the stormcloaks and the hero in attacking the imperial legion that have also assembled to make an assault into Korvanjund Temple. It is possible to enter Korvanjund Temple using the imperial legion faction, but the hero will side with the stormcloaks on this occasion.

In Skyrim Korvanjund mission, before the jagged crown quest is given, the hero must go to the Serpentstone Isle to defeat the ice wraith. This is quite easy to accomplish. The reward here is the Serpentstone sign (if the hero so wishes) which allows the hero to paralyze an opponent for a fixed period of time. In addition, the hero is allowed to officially join the stormcloaks.

In Skyrim, to enter Korvanjund Temple, simply get to Korvanjund on the map, find Galmar and then follow him in the assault on Korvanjund Temple. This fight with the imperial legion faction is easy with all these stormcloak soldiers. The difficulty, ironically, is trying not to hit the stormcloak soldiers with dual destruction magic spells. Defeat the imperial legion soldiers outside Korvanjund and enter Korvanjund.

Skyrim Korvanjund Gate Lever

Skyrim How to Open the Gate to Enter Korvanjund Crypt
Skyrim How to Open the Gate to Enter Korvanjund Crypt

Skyrim Korvanjund Wall Puzzle and Finding the Lever to Open the Gate

In Skyrim, once the hero enters Korvanjund temple, the fight with the imperial soldiers continues. The skirmish with the imperial soldiers will carry on until the hero reaches the first puzzle in Korvanjund - the ebony claw wall puzzle. The combination to open the wall is (from top to bottom) fox, moth and dragon. Then insert the ebony claw into the wall to open it.

In Skyrim Korvanjund, the next part of the jagged crown quest is to find a lever in a huge chamber to open a gate and enter Korvanjund crypt. When facing the gate, the hero should turn to the right and find a doorway leading to a slope that will bring the hero above the huge chamber. Now walk up to this level, and go through two narrow bridges to find a chest at the end of the two bridges. Instead of heading to open the chest immediately, turn to the left and find a lever on the wall. The lever is well camouflaged against the colour of the wall, so look carefully. Activate this lever to open the gate and enter Korvanjund crypt.

Skyrim Defeating the Draugr Deathlord in Korvanjund

In Skyrim Korvanjund crypt, the final challenge is to take down the Draugr Deathlord, the draugr scourge and the draugr wight in Korvanjund crypt and get hold of the Jagged Crown. This fight can be triggered by one of Galmar's stormcloak soldiers wandering around the draugr deathlord and noticing the jagged crown on the deathlord's head. If this does not happen, simply go into sneak mode, and then sneak attack the draugr deathlord with the hero's most powerful weapons. The draugr deathlord will awaken and attack the hero along with his lieutenants the draugr scourge and the draugr wight.

In Skyrim Korvanjund crypt, even with Galmar and the stormcloak's help, this fight can be quite difficult. To make this fight easier, the hero can head to the wall at the back of the draugr deathlord's throne and learn the Slow Time Word of Power. If the hero already has the other two Slow Time Words of Power, this will make the third Slow Time Word of Power - Eternity, and the Slow Time Dragon Shout (Time, Sand, Eternity) will be completed.

Now when attacking the draugr deathlord, use the complete slow time dragon shout, and time will slow down. Cinematically, the visual effect is quite cool. When time slows down, just hit the draugr deathlord, draugr scourge and the draugr wight with everything the hero has got before normal time resumes. With the stormcloaks' help, this should take out the draugr wight totally, most of the draugr deathlord's health and a portion of the draugr scourge's health. Now when normal time resumes, take out the draugr deathlord next. The hero may need to run away, heal up and then come back to finish off the draugr scourge. If the hero's dragon shout meter has recharged, use another slow time dragon shout, or use the completed fire breath dragon shout to finish off the draugr scourge.

With the draugr deathlord, the draugr wight and the draugr scourge defeated, the hero can get hold of the Jagged Crown and would have completed (hopefully!) the Slow Time Dragon Shout.


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