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Skyrim House of Horrors Quest

Updated on December 12, 2011

Skyrim House of Horrors

Skyrim House of Horrors Entrance - Soon to be the hero's free house in Skyrim
Skyrim House of Horrors Entrance - Soon to be the hero's free house in Skyrim

Skyrim House of Horrors Quest

In Skyrim, the House of Horrors quest is initiated by going to the Abandoned House in Markarth to the west of Skyrim. Doing the House of Horrors quest is interesting, because it will grant the hero a free house at the end of the quest, and will allow the hero to get the Mace of Molag Bal. The Mace of Molag Bal is a fearful mean looking daedric mace arftifact weapon that has awesome stats to match it's appearance. This will guide the hero in doing the House of Horrors quest, and getting the Mace of Molag Bal and the House of Horrors.

Skyrim Meet Vigilant Tyrannus Outside House of Horrors

In Skyrim, the hero meets Vigilant Tyrannus outside the house of horrors, well, except it is known only as the abandoned house. Vigilant Tyrannus wants to investigate the house, and enters. As soon as the hero follows Vigilant Tyrannus into the abandoned house, the house is locked and the hero cannot leave the house. A voice starts to tempt the hero to do certain things within the house. Because the hero cannot leave the house, he must submit to the commands of the voice and do as the voice says. Eventually, the voice leads the hero into a basement and traps the hero in a cage and demands that the Priest of Boethiah be found and lured to this area; otherwise the hero cannot be freed. Having no choice, the hero embarks on the quest to find the Priest of Boethiah.

Skyrim Find Priest of Boethiah

In Skyrim, the hero must find the priest of Boethiah. The priest of Boethiah, known as Logrolf the Willful, is a prisoner within a random Forsworn redoubt. For this particular hero, the redoubt so named is the broken tower redoubt. The broken tower redoubt is just north of Rebel's Cairns, and so can be easily reached from Rebel's Cairns. This area is very mountainous, and the hero may find himself looking down from the top of a mountain or hill and having to jump down. Use the become ethereal dragon shout and jump into the midst of Broken Tower Redoubt between the two towers. The priest of Boethiah is in one of the two towers that contains the Forsworn Briarheart. Get the broken tower key from the Forsworn Briarheart and unlock the cell containing Logrolf the Willful. Convince him to go with the hero (intimidate or bribe usually works) and Logrolf will depart for the Shrine of Molag Bal in the House of Horrors.

Skyrim How to Get A House of Horrors and Get Mace of Molag Bal

In Skyrim, buying a house may be very costly. The House of Horrors quest allows the hero to get a free house, by doing what daedric prince of domination Molag Bal asks the hero to do. On returning to the House of Horrors, the hero descends into the depths with the priest of Boethiah. Here the hero can choose to abandon the house of horrors quest and refuse to be a pawn for Molag Bal, or he can choose to follow the commands of Molag Bal to the letter. By choosing the latter, the hero will be granted the House of Horrors, and also the Mace of Molag Bal.


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