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Skyrim Read Black Book the Hidden Twilight

Updated on December 18, 2012

Skyrim Dragonborn Read Black Book the Hidden Twilight

Skyrim Dragonborn Read Black Book the Hidden Twilight and get its rewards
Skyrim Dragonborn Read Black Book the Hidden Twilight and get its rewards

Skyrim Read Black Book the Hidden Twilight

In Skyrim Dragonborn, the Hidden Twilight Black Book contains arguably the best rewards for all the black books that the hero may have accumulated. And so the hero should read the Hidden Twilight Black Book as soon as he gets hold of it. Good things mean they are hard to get, and so this will provide a guide on how to navigate the reading of the Black Book: the Hidden Twilight so that the hero can get the "blessings" of Mora.

Skyrim Get the Hidden Twilight

The Black Book the Hidden Twilight is obtained from a mad man somewhere south of Kolbjorn Barrow for this particular hero. The mad man will give a note to the hero, telling the hero of the location of the Black Book, and then attack the hero. Defeat this mad man and then head to Tel Mithryn and Neloth's quarters to get the Black Book. Now, without any hesitation, start reading the book.

Get the Rewards of the Black Book the Hidden Twilight

Arise in Apocrypha. The Black Book the Hidden Twilight begins easy.

  • Walk across the chamber. Activate the scrye and then read Chapter II.
  • Go down the passageway to arrive at a large chamber with two seekers. Go behind the seeker on the left and through the gateway to arrive at a scryre. Activate this to get the foldable drawbridge to come up. Run across and then jump onto the next platform.
  • To reach the other side, from the platform, jump onto the other foldable drawbridge. Timing has to be perfect.
  • Go down the passageway on the other side and turn right. Read Chapter III. Turn right and up some stairs and see a scrye. Activate it. Now go back down and head across the pools of acid up the (now working) staircase to the other side.
  • A lurker lurks in this main chamber. Defeat it or just run past it to the right. Go up a ramp and then activate the scrye upstairs.
  • Go downstairs and go past the (now opened) central gate. There is another gate up there which is closed.
  • Go back downstairs and look for a way on the right hand side of the central chamber which will lead to Chapter IV.
  • Activate the scrye straight ahead and return to Chapter III.
  • Go up the stairs of the central chamber and then turn right and go up the ramp. There is another scrye here. This scrye will open the previously closed gate stated above.
  • Go through the open gate. Try to head east and one of the corridors near two tables with ruined books will extend, allowing the hero to reach Chapter VI and V.
  • Read Chapter V. Activate the scrye straight ahead. There will be a collection of skill books here focused on magic. Read them all.
  • Return to Chapter III. Now read Chapter VI. Go through the passageway to find Chapter VII and Chapter VII. Read Chapter VII.
  • In Chapter VII, go forth and activate the scrye. Then go back to and read Chapter VIII.
  • The foldable bridges will be extended in Chapter VIII. Go across them and activate the final scrye. Look ahead and see the Apocrypha version of the Black Book the Hidden Twilight.

Read the book and get the rewards -

  • Mora's Agony – summons a field of writhing tentacles that poisons foes.
  • Mora's Grasp – freezes the target between Oblivion and Tamriel for 30s, but the targets are also immune to damage.
  • Mora's Boon – fully restores hero's health, magicka and stamina.


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