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Aion Spiritmaster Guide

Updated on December 30, 2010

Who are Spiritmasters

The Spiritmaster is a summoning class in Aion Online. Their primary focus is, rather than doing damage directly to enemies, to allow their summons to do the killing for them. To do so, they are given many different buffs and heals for their summons, helping to maximize their efficiency in combat.

As a Spiritmaster there are many different types of summons. They can range from tanking types to damage dealers, and in the DPS range they can be melee, ranged, or magical ranged. Choosing which type of summon to use in various situations is essential to playing a Spiritmaster efficiently, however they are specialized for a variety of different situations.

Why play a Spiritmaster

In solo combat the Spiritmaster usually has no issues slaying mobs, because they allow their summons to do the tanking for them. This gives them a huge advantage over most other classes, being that they are not always up on the front line. At the same time, their summon dying can be detrimental to their character's life. Keeping the summons alive is by far the most important thing to do as a Spiritmaster.

In groups, the Spiritmaster will sometimes choose different summons than when solo, due to efficiency. For example, if the Spiritmaster is in a group with a tank, there is no reason to use a more defense-based summon. Instead, they are able to use their strongest attacking summon.

The Spiritmaster relies on Cloth armor, causing them to take a lot of damage from enemies. This class has one of the lowest defenses in Aion, equal to that of the Sorcerers. Because of this, their survivability is lower than most when it comes to PvP. During PvE, however, the Spiritmaster excels.

There are several clear benefits to playing a Spiritmaster class in Aion, such as the ability to summon fun and useful creatures to do your bidding, the ability to heal and buff them, and the ability to play the role of a tank in certain situations.

Combat roles and abilities

Like their fellow Sorcerer, the Spritmaster uses magic to control the elements of nature; Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. However, the method of control is much different. Rather than casting spells composed of these elements, the Spiritmaster controls the spirits inhabiting them.

Spiritmasters have less attack magic compared to Sorcerers, making it difficult to directly attack the opponent. Rather than focusing on direct combat with an opponent the Spiritmaster uses elemental spirits to attack them.

The four types of spirits available are very different. Their attacks and defenses are based on the elements they represent. So depending on the situation, you must summon the right spirit to effectively control the battle.

Another characteristic of the Spiritmaster is the fact that he possesses numerous debuff type skills. These skills inhibit the mobility of a foe while allowing the Spiritmaster to maintain distance. However, like the mesmerizing skills of the Sorcerer, these skills produce high amounts of enmity (threat).

The Spiritmaster’s low health and defense require it to maintain total control during combat. However, while it is not as destructive as the Sorcerer, its pets and various movement impairing spells make it versatile in both solo and party play.

The secrets of the pros

Although Spiritmasters don't have many attacks to directly use on their enemies, they have summons to do all their dirty work. Despite that, defense of a Spiritmaster is low, therefore they must rely on their summoned monsters most of the time. It's a great class to play either solo or in groups, but are one of the most complicated classes to master in Aion.

Having the right info is crucial to playing a Spiritmaster successfully. Whether it's the game mechanics, damage, itemization, knowing your own class and other classes also, everything matters! There's dozens of factors you should always take into account, and if you keep that in mind you shouldn't have any trouble leveling up or defeating nearly every other class in PvP. However, most players got no idea what they're doing, even after months of experience with the Spiritmaster.

You may not think you're one of them, but I thought so too before I found this incredibly useful Spiritmaster Guide. This guide has more insider tricks, little-known secrets and amazing revelations than every Aion forum and resource combined. Everything is nicely put in a single detailed guide covering everything you'll ever need to know about Spiritmasters.

Get It Or Regret It

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