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Aion Cleric Guide

Updated on December 30, 2010

About Clerics in Aion

The Priest class in Aion is an important asset to any party. They have the ability to keep their comrades alive and are vital in ensuring groups survive against difficult encounters in the world of Atreia. Having a good priest on your side is your best chance of staying alive!

Priests have the ability to resurrect dying party members, heal them when they are damaged, and cure them of harmful effects.

Once a Priest has learned and fully understood the intricacies of their class, they will be given two new paths to choose from: that of the Cleric and the Chanter. If you preferred choice is a Cleric, read on to find out exactly how to get the most out of your class!

About the Cleric guide

Although the mechanics of Clerics may appear straightforward, they are one of the hardest classes to master in Aion. Many of their mechanics work differently, and while casting heals and resurrects ain't all that difficult, doing it properly is not kids stuff!

If players around you keep dying, it's probably not their fault, but yours! Paying attention and good timing is only a part of the cleric's story; the other part is knowing exactly how the class works, why certain mechanics work the way they do and how to turn them into your favor and more.

The following guide will give you the required info about Clerics and show you why are clerics the most intriguing and fun class to play in Aion.

Download the Cleric Guide

Here's a list of just some of the features explained in detail in this amazing Cleric guide:

- Step-by-step leveling strategies that guarantee reaching the level cap within a week

- Experts' choice of Stigma skill selections to boost your Cleric's performance over the top

- Tips and tactics in how to comfortably deal with any opponent in PvPvE situations

- Build-tuned gear listings to match and maximize potential during solo and grouped play

- Recommended UI Addons and Macros every Cleric must have

- Effective strategies and techniques to make mountain-loads of Kinah within a few hours

- and more...

This unofficial Aion Cleric guide is frequently updated, and you can keep downloading it for free whenever there's something new added. As soon as something changes or a major patch comes, the guide is updated so you won't read any outdated tips. It's an awesome reference for all clerics and I recommend downloading it now!

Download Aion Cleric Guide Now

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