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SWTOR Defeating the Dashade

Updated on December 19, 2011

SWTOR Defeating the Dashade

SWTOR Defeating the Dashade
SWTOR Defeating the Dashade

SWTOR Defeating the Dashade

In SWTOR, the sith inquisitor must defeat the dashade to advance in the sith inquisitor class story quest line. The sith inquisitor is handed the defeating the dashade quest after meeting with Lord Zash and after being betrayed by the Overseer Harkun. In the defeating the dashade quest, the sith inquisitor must retrieve the rod of wrath, the rod of hate, the rod of fury and the rod of despair from the Tomb of Naga Sadow, and then place these rods on the altar to free the dashade and then defeat the dashade. This will guide the sith inquisitor with various tactics in defeating the enemies of the Tomb of Naga Sadow, including the dashade. The dashade will eventually become the sith inquisitor's companion.

SWTOR Tomb of Naga Sadow Solo Tactics

In SWTOR sith inquisitor class story quest line, the route to defeating the dashade is difficult if the sith inquisitor is impatient and wishes to follow the sith inquisitor class story quest line at lower levels than recommended. However, it can still be done with some clever tactics. When the sith inquisitor is in the Tomb of Naga Sadow, the enemies here are mostly failed acolytes. These acolytes can throw lightning at the sith inquisitor and attack the sith inquisitor from afar (ranged attacks). These attacks slow the sith inquisitor down and make it hard to target the enemies all at once. The key here is to defeat only those groups of enemies standing in the sith inquisitor's way on route to the four rods. Use the map (M on the keyboard) to identify the shortest routes to the rods, and then move through this area carefully and stealthily by running around corners and areas where the enemy mobs will not be triggered to attack. Sometimes, human players will help by distracting the other enemy mobs, and the sith inquisitor can just run past these enemy mobs as they will be engaged in battle on the other human players. It may also be helpful to help these other players as they may return the favour later on. Anyhow, using these efficient tactics, the sith inquisitor should be able to collect the four rods without perishing. If the sith inquisitor does die, then try to revive either in the Tomb of Naga Sadow or within the medical center in the tomb, as this will make the collection of the four rods easier.

SWTOR Help with Defeating the Dashade

In SWTOR, once the sith inquisitor has collected the rod of despair, the rod of wrath, the rod of fury and the rod of hate, it's time to head into the class only area to defeat the dashade. This area lies just outside the Tomb of Naga Sadow medical center. Before heading out, purchase at least one med pac. Then head out of the tomb of naga sadow medical center and turn left. Go into the the outer perimeters of the dashade's prison. Note that if there is another human player sith inquisitor who wishes to help the sith inquisitor defeat the dashade, go to preferences, and then the social tab and click the allow same class in class story area button. The other sith inquisitor will be allowed into the dashade's prison.

SWTOR Using Overload Tactics to Defeat the Ancient Droids in the Dashade Prison
SWTOR Using Overload Tactics to Defeat the Ancient Droids in the Dashade Prison

SWTOR Tactics to Defeat the Ancient Droids in the Dashade Prison

In SWTOR, if the sith inquisitor is alone, then some clever tactics are needed to ensure survival and defeat of the ancient droids guarding the outer perimeter of the dashade's prison. Test this tactic on the first ancient droid – make sure the ancient droid is facing the sith inquisitor, and his back is facing the chasm below. Now use Overload to create a shockwave. This will cause the ancient droid to fall into the chasm below. Defeated! Now repeat this technique with the other ancient droids. It is quite tricky when more than one ancient droid is attacking the sith inquisitor. Make sure the backs of the ancient droids are all facing the chasm before launching the Overload ability. Now the ancient droids within the dashade's prison can be drawn (lure out only two or three at any one time) near the chasm, and then the overload technique executed. Once these ancient droids are defeated, place the rods on the altar, and activate the shrine of agony to free the Dashade from his prison. It's time to defeat the Dashade.

SWTOR Tactics to Defeat the Dashade

In SWTOR, the dashade will actually become the sith inquisitor's first companion, but only if the sith inquisitor can defeat the dashade. It is quite easy to defeat the dashade at the recommended level. However, if the sith inquisitor is below that level, then it is wise to bring another friend along to defeat the dashade. Use electrocute first to stun the dashade, and then alternate between slash and electrical attacks. With a friendly sith inquisitor by your side, the dashade can be defeated. Once defeated, the dashade will pledge his services to the sith inquisitor. Khem Val the Dashade will become the sith inquisitor's first companion.

SWTOR Get the Map of the Future with the Companion Dashade

In SWTOR, once the dashade is defeated, it's time to head into the inner chambers of Naga Sadow and retrieve the Map of the Future. It would be wise to keep your friend sith inquisitor within the party for this mission, as the bonus monster (Terentalek Mauler) guarding the Map of the Future is formidable indeed. Obviously, the sith inquisitor will be able to bring his new found companion Khem Val the dashade along as well.

Head to a chamber with a dead end and activate the wall. Wait for the wall to collapse and defeat the shyrack screechers inside. Now continue until the sith inquisitors see the Terentalek Mauler. Launch all sorts of electrical and sith attacks on the Terentalek Mauler, and it will be defeated. Note that if the sith inquisitor is alone, just use seethe to heal up to maximum health points, then run and grab the map of the future behind the Terentalek Mauler. The low level sith inquisitor will perish before this Terentalek Mauler, but can respawn in the Tomb of Nagar Sadow medical center. Then use quick travel to return to the Sith Academy and report to Lord Zash with the Map of the Future.

It's time to travel to Dromund Kaas and challenge a sith lord for supremacy.


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