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SWTOR Darth Thanaton Strikes Back

Updated on January 29, 2012

SWTOR Darth Thanaton Strikes Back

SWTOR Darth Thanaton Strikes Back - Using Sith Assassins and Hunters Against the Sith Inquisitor
SWTOR Darth Thanaton Strikes Back - Using Sith Assassins and Hunters Against the Sith Inquisitor

SWTOR Darth Thanaton Strikes Back

In SWTOR, Darth Thanaton strikes back after the sith inquisitor escapes from his sith warriors on Dromund Kaas. Darth Thanaton hunts down the sith inquisitor's apprentices Kaal and Corrin after the pair steal the key to his meditation chambers. This will guide the sith assassin in getting to Quesh and the hideout of Kaal and Corrin to find and rescue them. It will also provide tactics on how to defeat the sith shadow assassins and the sith hunters that are in the way, and provide a brief guide on how to use the mid level sith assassin abilities to defeat Lord Cineratus.

SWTOR Defeating the Sith Shadow Assassins and Sith Hunters

In SWTOR Thanaton Strikes Back quest part 1, the sith inquisitor locates Kaal and Corrin in a bunker north of the imperial outpost on Quesh. The sith assassin can sneak past the republic barricades and arrive at the hideout easily as the Quesh wilderness is quite expansive and allows for the sith inquisitor a wide area to navigate. Once inside Kaal and Corrin's hideout, the situation changes. This area is blocked by groups of sith shadow assassins and sith hunters, not to mention a gold level sith cyber executioner. As a sith assassin and surrounded by these adversaries, it is natural to feel challenged and wanting to eliminate every single sith shadow assassin and sith hunter in the building rather than just sneaking past them. This will also help fulfill the Rule of One bonus quest.

In SWTOR Rule of One bonus quest, the sith assassin must defeat ten sith shadow assassins and sith hunters. Here are some tactics to defeat the ten sith shadow assassins and sith hunters needed for the bonus quest. When there is only one sith assassin in the group, use mind trap to trap the sith assassin, and eliminate the droids around the sith assassin. For the sith assassin himself, use Ashara Zavros to tank the sith assassin, and then use a combination of backstab maul, electrocute, tumult, low slash, crushing darkness, sith lightning, backstab maul and assassinate to take care of the sith assassin. At the electrocute and low slash part of the sequence, the sith shadow assassin will be stunned and cannot move, allowing the next ability to be applied effectively. When there is one sith assassin and sith hunter in the group, mind trap the sith hunter first. Finish off the sith shadow assassin and then take care of the sith hunter. If the sith assassin hero is running out of health, use force cloak and move away to heal and repeat the steps above.

The most difficult part of the bonus quest comes in the form of having three siths in the room - a sith shadow assassin and two sith hunters. Mind trap the sith shadow assassin, and use whirlwind on one sith hunter. Concentrate on the last sith hunter and finish him off fast. Now use force cloak and get out of the room to heal. Resummon your companion if he or she has perished. Re-enter the room, and mind trap the sith shadow assassin again. Now finish off the sith hunter, and when he is down, finish off the sith shadow assassin.

SWTOR Defeating Lord Cineratus

In SWTOR Thanaton Strikes Back, Lord Cineratus is the final boss for this quest on Quesh. Lord Cineratus has about 17000 plus health points, and it is recommended that the sith inquisitor is about level 34 or above before attacking Lord Cineratus. The sith assassin can use Ashara Zavros as the tank here. Use an endurance stim to increase endurance before going into this fight. Buff up, and then sneak into the room. Use mind trap on Lord Cineratus, and go to his back. Start the fighting sequence as described above by using backstab maul on Cineratus. When electrocute has been used, and the companion's health is about mid level, use Channel the Force to reset electrocute and repeat the steps again. When the sith assassin's health is low, use some health pak to restore health. Continue slashing at Lord Cineratus until he is defeated.

The sith inquisitor class quest continues on Hoth as he seeks more power.


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