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SWTOR Scouring the Wastes Quest

Updated on January 29, 2012

SWTOR Scouring the Wastes of Hoth

SWTOR Scouring the Wastes of Hoth - typical scenery on Hoth
SWTOR Scouring the Wastes of Hoth - typical scenery on Hoth

SWTOR Scouring the Wastes of Hoth

In SWTOR, the sith inquisitor must scour the wastes of icy planet Hoth to find the Starrunner. The Starrunner is a ship rumored to have crashed on Hoth following the appearance of a sith apparition on the ship. The sith inquisitor must find the apparition and use the ritual of Force Walk to bind the apparition to gain more power to face Darth Thanaton. To this end, the sith inquisitor must find and speak to Hoth archaeological expert Talos Drelik. He will give the sith inquisitor the Shalora Probe Droid to find the three bearings on the icy surface of Hoth and triangulate the location of Starrunner.

SWTOR Find the First, Second and Third Bearings

In SWTOR Scouring the Wastes Quest, the sith inquisitor must follow the map and locate the positions of the first, second and third bearings. Because the icy wastelands of Hoth is so wide, the sith inquisitor can simply use the speeder bike and navigate to the first and third bearings without encountering any mobs. At each bearing location, use the probe droid to mark the bearing. Open up the inventory quest items section and right click on the droid probe near the location on the map, and the bearing will be marked. The second bearing will be guarded by some Talz infantry. As a level 35 or more sith assassin, these mobs are like cannon fodder. With sneak, backstab maul, electrocute, tumult, low slash and then assassinate used in that order, and Ashara Zavros on the wing, the Talz infantry will be downed in no time. With the three bearings, triangulate the location of the distress beacon of the Starrunner and head towards it.

SWTOR Speak to Ortolan Chief

In SWTOR Bitter Rivalries Quest, the quest for the Starrunner continues as the sith inquisitor tracks through the icy wastelands of Hoth. The location of the distress beacon alerts the sith inquisitor to an Ortolan village. Speak to Talos Drelik and approach the Ortolan encampment near Highmount Ridge and defeat some Ortolans. Laugh your way to the Ortolan Chief, and learn that the Ortolan Chief has been taken over by the apparition of Horak-Mul, right hand of Ludo Kressh, true Dark Lord of the Sith. A bitter rivalry exists between Horak-Mul and Sadow Naga, and Horak-Mul wants revenge. To gain his powers, the sith inquisitor must head to the assassin temple and destroy it. To help the sith inquisitor achieve this objective, go speak to and pick up the sith inquisitor fifth companion Talos Drelik before advancing to the assassin temple.


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