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SWTOR Defeat Paladius in Final Act

Updated on December 31, 2011

SWTOR Defeat Lord Paladius in Final Act

SWTOR Defeat Lord Paladius in Final Act
SWTOR Defeat Lord Paladius in Final Act

SWTOR Defeat Paladius in Final Act

In SWTOR, the sith inquisitor must defeat Lord Paladius in the final act to complete the sith inquisitor quest line on Nar Shaddaa. The route to defeating Lord Paladius involves visiting Gord Makel to "request" for a groundshake, followed by infiltrating Paladius' rally at Meridan's Temple at Upper Industrial Sector to execute the groundshake, and then entering Paladius' Sanctuary at the Net Access Area to defeat Paladius. This will guide the sith inquisitor on how to navigate through all the above events and then defeat Paladius in the final act.

SWTOR Groundshake at the Big Show

In SWTOR, Rylee Dray suggests to the sith inquisitor in using a groundshake to showcase the sith inquisitor's powers before Paladius' followers and get them to defect to the sith inquisitor's cause. The sith inquisitor travels to Gord Makel in the Duros Sector to get the groundshake. This is the chance for the sith inquisitor to use his diplomatic skills or increase his dark side points by shocking Gord Makel a few times. Gord Makel accedes to helping the sith inquisitor in setting up the groundshake.

In SWTOR the Big Show, the sith inquisitor infiltrates Paladius' rally and openly defies Paladius. It is suggested that the sith inquisitor waits for the opportune moment before unleashing the groundshake to achieve the maximal defection effect. Next, take down the screaming blade initiates and devotee and finish off the scenario dialogue with Paladius cult defectors according to the sith inquisitor's personality and style of play (light side or dark side).

SWTOR How to Defeat Paladius in the Final Act

In SWTOR Final Act, Paladius invites the sith inquisitor to the Lord Paladius Sanctuary to talk about the artifact of Tulak Hord. Paladius then unleashes Force drain on the sith inquisitor, preventing the sith inquisitor from using force lightning. Paladius attacks the sith inquisitor.

In SWTOR Final Act on Nar Shaddaa, the sith inquisitor must regain his force points to defeat Paladius. Use Khem Val to tank the sith inquisitor, and then strike at Paladius using Saber Strike to regain force points. Once the sith inquisitor force points are regained, the fight against Paladius becomes a standard fight against any other boss within a sith inquisitor quest line area. Use overload and discharge to defeat Paladius' bodyguards. If the sith inquisitor perishes before defeating Paladius, simply respawn and do it again. This time, Paladius' bodyguards may have been defeated already and only Paladius is left, making it really easy. Use electrocute and jolt against Paladius, and then backstab him using maul, and Paladius will go down quite easily.

In SWTOR, with Paladius defeated, collect the Tulak Hord artifact, and hand over the reins of the (ex-Paladius) cult to Destris and Rylee Dray. Rylee Dray may have a surprise for the sith inquisitor depending on how the sith inquisitor had played through the main quest scenario on Nar Shaddaa. For now though, it's time to head and collect the Mask of Kallig from Lord Khreusis on Korriban.

SWTOR Final Act Rylee Dray Reactions


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