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SWTOR Get Kallig's Mask

Updated on January 6, 2012

SWTOR Kallig's Mask Stats

SWTOR Kallig's Mask Stats - the rewards of defeating Lord Khreusis
SWTOR Kallig's Mask Stats - the rewards of defeating Lord Khreusis

SWTOR Get Kallig's Mask

In SWTOR, the sith inquisitor goes back to Korriban to get Kallig's Mask from Lord Khreusis. The standard recommendations is that the sith inquisitor only tries to defeat Lord Khreusis and get Kallig's Mask at level 24. This will guide and provide the sith inquisitor with tactics to defeat Lord Khreusis and get Kallig's Mask at level 23.

SWTOR Lord Kallig's Mask

In SWTOR Preparations, Lord Kallig appears as a ghostly apparition in the sith inquisitor's Fury class interceptor to warn him of Darth Zash's dark plans. Lord Kallig asks the sith inquisitor to go to Korriban to retrieve the Mask of Kallig from Lord Khreusis. Lord Kallig's mask is not only symbolic of the sith inquisitor class, but it also allows the sith inquisitor to upgrade the mask using modification parts purchased from commendations and credits.

SWTOR How to Defeat Lord Khreusis and Get Kallig's Mask

In SWTOR Preparations quest, the sith inquisitor will find Lord Khreusis quite difficult to defeat at level 22, but the impatient sith inquisitor may want to try to defeat Lord Khreusis at level 23. The recommended level is level 24.

To defeat Lord Khreusis at below the recommended level, the sith inquisitor must be well prepared. Before reaching Lord Khreusis, the sith inquisitor must defeat the sith corruptor and a host of other sith initiates and other minions. With Khem Val as the tank, these minions should be no problems for the sith inquisitor. However, the sith inquisitor should tweak Khem Val properly for the fight against Lord Khreusis. Instead of setting Khem Val at 100% threat generation, switch Khem Val into the other damage mode so that Lord Khreusis will alternate between attacking Khem Val and the sith inquisitor. This will allow Khem Val to survive the fight and distribute the damage between the sith inquisitor and Khem Val. If Khem Val were to perish in the fight, then the sith inquisitor would also be defeated very soon without the tank. If Khem Val can survive the fight, then the sith inquisitor can maul backstab Lord Kherusis when Khem Val is the tank. When Lord Kherusis is fighting the sith inquisitor head on, use electrocute, jolt and saber strike to stun and interrupt him until he starts attacking Khem Val upfront again. Using this technique, it will be close, but Lord Kherusis will be defeated, and the sith inquisitor will get the Lord Kallig's mask.

It's time to reap the rewards from defeating Lord Khreusis which includes getting the mask of Kallig and the honored sith assassin double bladed lightsaber (replacing the Dark Erudite Double Bladed Lightsaber as the better lightsaber so far in the game). Also the sith inquisitor gets the chance to travel to Tatooine and then Alderaan to steal the secrets of the Jedi.


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