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SWTOR Defeat Rolan

Updated on January 30, 2012

SWTOR Defeat Rolan

In SWTOR conflagration quest, the sith inquisitor must defeat Rolan in Darth Thanaton's meditation chamber to advance in the sith inquisitor class story. Rolan is Darth Thanaton's apprentice and is a sith sorceror who can unleash force lightning and shock lightning on the sith inquisitor. This will guide the sith assassin and his companion in using various tactics to defeat Rolan.

SWTOR Using Sith Assassin Abilities to Defeat Rolan

In SWTOR, the sith assassin is able to defeat Rolan at level 39 by bringing the right companion and using the right sith assassin abilities in the right combination. The abilities to use include the following -

  • stealth into the meditation chamber
  • electrocute Rolan
  • force lightning on Rolan
  • low slash, then crushing darkness
  • channel the force to reset electrocute
  • one could also use force slow
  • use slash and thrash to further damage Rolan

At this point, Rolan's health may be down to about half. Use a medpak to heal up, and allow Talos Drelik to do the rest of the healing. Now to bring Rolan down to zero health, one can repeat the combat sequence above. Or just equip the sith assassin with the dark force stoic double bladed lightsaber and use electrocute or low slash and then backstab maul Rolan. With the sith assassin equipped with the right equipment and modification, the critical damage probability is increased dramatically, and the critical multiplier can increased by equipping more powerful equipment. Rolan's health points will be reduced quite rapidly with this barrage of attack, and will be defeated. Of course, the alternative way to defeat Rolan is to lure him close to the edge of the bridge and use overload to force him down the bridge.

SWTOR Defeating Rolan as the Sith Sorceror


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